New Form Of Art With The Use Of Airbrush

By Lila Bryant

Art and beauty are two very peculiar concepts. There is not one single standard or basis in the appreciation of both things. The things that one may find beautiful and artistic may not hold true nor the same for the other. In the same wavelength, because different people appreciate different kinds of artistic beauty, the world of visual art has expanded itself to accommodate all these varying tastes.

Sculptors make three dimensional and most often very much startlingly realistic works. Illustrators and sketchers bring life to a flat surface armed only with lead pencils and inked pens. Painters employ an uncanny knack for color combination and light and shadow techniques through airbrush Orlando to create the most vivid pieces that their generation can be proud of.

A medium is the substance used to finish a particular work of art. There is a whole world out there that is so full of different mediums, but the most popular is the used of oil based pigmentation. To make this work, natural dry pigments were mixed with linseed oil. This was then boiled with pine or frankincense resins in order to achieve that glossy, well lighted look.

The most acknowledged painting medium is constituted with oil. Oil paintings are perhaps the most expensive ones in the world of art, as they are so tricky to make. To be able to have oil paints, artists of the older times had to boil linseed oil with frankincense or pine resin before mixing in the coloring pigments. They took forever to dry up, but the glossy effect they produce is absolutely stunning.

Watercolor, as its name suggests, is painting using pigments suspended in a water soluble vehicle. It is traditionally used by the artists of China, Korea, and Japan, who usually used it in monochromatic black and brown. For a watercolor painting, an artist most often uses paper, others papyrus, also vellum or leather.

For artists who are working with tighter schedules, the best option for them is the acrylic paint medium. This dries faster than all the other methods, making it the perfect choice for express orders. When diluted properly, acrylic painting can pass off as oil painted piece.

Aside from all these traditional mediums, spray painting is slowly rising up with regards to artworks of the modern generation. Graffiti is the creation of masterpieces not in canvas, but in bare walls. This first started as a form of propaganda and protest. Three dimensional works originated in the idea to trick ordinary passerby with cool and effective optical illusions. While both started out as something else, these two are now considered as a form of modern art.

With the advent of graffiti, people came to realize that you do not really need a canvas to make art all the time. Any kind of surface will do, which is why car fanatics have thought of automobile art. This is the expression of self conveyed through a vehicle. Though there are auto paint shops that are able to do these things, more and more people are more interested in DIY paint jobs.

First you will have to wash your car and clean it thoroughly. After drying, you can sand the surface to bare metal. Once done, you will have to wipe the body with clean cloth and apply some thinner. You may start coloring in the body once the thinner has completely dried off. Though it may take some time to complete the task, you will be able to save a lot. The heady feeling of self satisfaction comes as a bonus.

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