Choosing The Right Male Voice Over Talents

By Lila Bryant

People use voiceovers for many different types of production. Usually when people think of the term they think of advertising but equally they could be used to narrate documentaries, audio books and so forth. Sometimes there will be the need specifically for male voice over talents and therefore you need to be sure you have the right one.

As with any form of creative talent experience is usually a massive advantage. A more vocal talent is more likely to know where to position themselves when recording their audio. They are also more likely to know the kind of tone you want and so you are likely to spend less time doing takes as you try and get the right kind of tone.

Before contacting independent artists or agencies you need to consider what kind of vocal tone would be appropriate to your particular project. For example if you are promoting the latest animated series you might want someone with a deep voice who can command the attention of the listener or alternatively someone hyped up who sweeps up the listener with their passion for what is about to come on.

This then helps you to narrow down the options. Some artists are versatile and can achieve a wide range of vocals. Indeed this is especially useful when recording animated projects which require a wide range of characters but may not necessarily have the budget to provide actors for every individual character.

There are two ways you could find a vocal talent. Some people will have their own website and offer services independently. Others will offer their services via an agency. There are advantages and disadvantages to both these options. In the case of an independent artist there is no additional commission for using an agency. However with an agency you can have a wider array of options and because they have been chosen by the agency they are more likely to be of a better quality.

In either instance you need to get an audio sample. This will give you the opportunity to listen carefully to decide if their vocal tone works for what you want to do. It is also a good opportunity to check if they are technically aware and if the equipment they are using is of the best possible quality. Play it through a number of times so you can gauge the effectiveness of the sample.

You also need to consider the quality of the sound recording itself. If you are paying for them to use their own equipment this becomes especially vital. Listen carefully and think it through before reaching an agreement.

Some voice over artists will work independently while others will work through an agency. In either case you need to ensure that they understand what you want. Furthermore it is best to contact as wide a variety of talents as possible in order to compare what they have to offer and who is the most appropriate for your personal requirements. For more information, feedback from previous clients and to contact independent artists and agencies use your regular search engine.

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