For Fans Eager To Attend An Elvis Tribute San Francisco Is The Place To Find One

By Sally Delacruz

Any Elvis Presley fan can look for and find ways to remember him. His voice and person were beautiful when he was living. Memories are not as poignant as the real man. However, for people who want an elvis tribute san francisco, california has much to offer.

San Francisco, CA is a magnet for tourists. See the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. Visit Fishermans Wharf. Take a ride on one of the charming trolley cars that travel up and down the hilly streets.

The King was born in the small town of Tupelo, Mississippi. His family lived there till he was thirteen. Then they moved to Memphis, Tennessee, where his oft visited mansion, Graceland, stands.

Graceland stands as an accolade to Elvis. He bought it for his mother Gladys and resided there until his untimely death. Gold records cover the walls and rooms are all decorated to suit his taste in furnishings.

People are silent or speak in whispers. They shed tears as they walk up the path to the memorial garden. There is a feeling of respect in the air.

The mood is subdued and respectful. Fans shed tears as they take their turn at his grave. They all mourn as they remember this idol.

Daughters learn to love the music from their mothers. Grandmothers pass it on to their grandchildren. Not only women, but, men file past to remember him.

Fans in all age groups travel from all over to attend shows in San Francisco, CA. They see one or more of the hundred and three impersonators. Some of these impersonators are incredible and make a living at what they do.

They fill the stage with imitation hip gyrations and dance steps as well as songs. Many voices are very similar to the King. Of course, it is not the real performer, it does bring out the memories they value so much.

Each of these shows brings the wonderful memories of the King to the stage. The top impersonators are very talented. Some entertain at parties for children or adults. They also work delivering singing telegrams, wearing jump suits.

He was born on January 8, 1935. Sadly, his twin, Jessie was stillborn. What would the music world be like today if there had been two.

On August 16, 1977 he left this world and millions of bereft fans behind. He was forty-two. Imagine the many more beautiful recordings there would be had he lived longer.

All over the world, people gather to honor him with parties, stage shows and dances. This time surrounding his day of death are called Elvis Week, as if a day was not enough. As always, the Bay area will be host to many such events.

The Memphis Mafia was the nickname given to high school buddies who stayed with the King over the years to work for him. They now give one man show presentations talking about their years with Elvis. His backup band still performs too.

Many of the shows donate a portion of the profits to his favorite charities. A true fan can remember his as he sang Love Me Tender when the movie of that name ended. In a thousand years, this amazing talent will still be remembered and revered.

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