A Guide To Entry Level Film Jobs NYC Students Can Get Hired For

By Sally Delacruz

Looking to get your foot in the door of the movie and television industry? These film jobs NYC students can qualify for can be competitive to win, but confidence goes a long way. If you've ever wanted to be part of the entertainment game, these jobs might be your first step to success.

As a production assistant, you might do almost anything on set. This catch all position includes everything from taping down cables on the set to getting coffee for the cast and crew. You never know what will need doing, or what you'll learn. To do this job, it helps to have plenty of energy, and a winning smile in the face of any task.

Although you won't spend all your time on set, the way you do when you're a production assistant, another interesting job is being a personal assistant for someone with a film career. You'll see a different side of daily operations in the entertainment field, which can be quite valuable. You can make lots of personal contacts in this job, so if you are good with people and have a patient personality, look into becoming the right hand man or woman for a filmmaking power player.

Movie careers aren't just about how films get made. There are lots of jobs on the film festival circuit, and Manhattan hosts some of the best annual cinema festivals in the world. An internship at a festival is a great way to meet everyone from media critics to real producers at events and galas, and the interns you work alongside may prove to be important professional partners later in your career.

It might not be glamorous, but working at an arthouse or independent cinema is a ticket to a great education, as well as a steady paycheck. Between scooping popcorn, you'll have the chance to watch all the edgy new releases, and see what appeals to an elite Manhattan audience. Start your search in the village and SoHo neighborhoods of the city.

Did you know that directors sometimes pull talent from the extra or background group for last minute casting? Although it's difficult to make a living as an extra, since work isn't constant or steady, when jobs come along you do get paid to spend the day on a real film set. If you take a job as a supernumerary, you might just see yourself on the silver screen.

In the age of youtube and digital cameras, you don't need to wait for an industry job. You can make your own! Collaborate with other aspiring filmmakers, and see how far you can get together. You just might be the next big thing, without having to climb the ladder of working on someone else's set.

The more you know about possible entertainment careers, and the more skills you can claim as your own, the better your chances of finding a film job where you can flourish. There are dozens of entry level film jobs on all sides of the field. Choose the side of the business where your personality will excel.

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