Ways To Go About Finding A House Portrait Artist In Westchester County

By Rosella Campbell

It is easy to see why portraits of houses are so popular with clients who commission artwork. They have special meaning as tribute to family memories and a beloved home. They are not only a personal and meaningful interior design accent, but are a great choice for a gift. When in the process of looking for a house portrait artist in Westchester County local residents can benefit from a range of resources to help. This guide shows you how.

Some illustrators and artists specialize in commissioned paintings. Motifs include homes, pets, vacation spots or other unique subjects. Some work through agencies, so it is worth looking up illustration companies in your region.

You can also find artists who work mainly on subject matter which they have chosen. However, they may be open to doing commissions as well. Thus, even if the artist seems to work in other subjects, it is worth asking. If you like their style of painting, it may be possible to apply it to other subjects.

It helps to have a clear idea of what you are looking for before beginning your search. Knowing the type of style, scale and price range you are after will help you to focus on suitable artists. However, the process of shopping around is also effective in helping you to identify your requirements. Looking at a broad range of portfolios is a good way to get ideas.

One of the more popular tools for researching artists is the Internet. It is convenient and low cost. Furthermore, it allows you to view an extensive range of portfolios. Many artists today have extremely detailed websites with images of work.

In addition, the World Wide Web allows you to connect with artists from further away. In fact, many artists are happy to paint from photographs which the client has taken. Correspondence may be done primarily through e-mail. This convenient solution allows artists and clients to have a broader reach. Remember that regardless of what you are shopping for, it is essential to protect yourself as a consumer. Ensure that sellers are reputable and that practices for buying and selling are secure and safe.

A local arts fair is often overlooked. Yet, it is a great way to meet designers and artists from the region. Take a look at the booths to find work that you like. Even if there are no house portraits on offer, it may be worth enquiring about commissions.

Last of all, it can be very helpful to create a mood board or similar tool which includes pictures of styles, media and subjects that you like. This can be very useful in communicating your ideas to a potential illustrator. Even if you are not experienced in talking about media and styles, do not worry. A good illustrator can guide you through the process and provide suggestions. For more practical tips on this topic, you can find a number of guides on the Internet. They provide handy advice on how to go about commissioning artwork, with help on pricing, communication and more. There are even blogs which are dedicated to home furnishing, providing tips on how to find unique and personal art for the walls of your home.

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