Watch Incredible New Anime Trailers

By Marylou Forbes

Animation lovers have a chance to preview how their 2014 season will look like. This is through the new anime trailers that are already available on the internet. They have generated a lot of attention on social sites and from industry pundits. Their availability on youtube and other channels broadcasting animation proms gives the fans a chance to sample what is on offer.

Part of titles to be included in every to-watch list is Nobunaga the Fool. The story is set at a conflict zone situated between the eastern and western planets. The era is chaotic and presents a divided world. The encounter between two people, Oda and Jeanne is fateful for them and the universe as a whole. Four captions of this animation are available online.

Hozuki no Reitetsu seeks to explore the concept of death and daily life in hell. Hozuki is an aide to Daioh Enma and seeks to change the image and life in hell. Fans have a chance to savor the daily encounters that define life in hell. This is a very interesting animation.

Zetsumetsu Kigu Shojo Amazing Twins presents a story of a one minded girl who has a twin sister living inside her. She has the power to make anything she puts her mind to turn to reality. Those around her do not understand this power and therefore refer to her as a fool. The twin sister is named Lilian and fights by her side.

Buddy Complex is the story of a basketball player in high school with incredible reflexes within. The basketball player lives a normal life. This is interrupted on the first day from vacation by an encounter that alters his life and that of the universe. It is this encounter that seeks to seal the fate of the universe.

Maken-Ki! Two is a comedy about school that is set in Tenbi Academy. The school is reserved for persons with special abilities. These abilities are referred to as elements in the anime. The story is centered on a member of the security committee for the school. There is a sexy side to the drama that unfolds in the normal life of the security committee member.

Chunibyo Demo Koi Ga Shitai! Ren is the story of a couple who work hard to maintain their unity. It is adapted from the series titled Torako and comes with a significant portion of romance. It is set in school with a comical twist to the story. The entry of Satone makes the story more interesting for the couple since they have to ensure that she does not bring their relationship to an end.

Lupin III looks more like a new release other than a sequel. It even does not appear to be a remake of the original. It is an intriguing collection even though it does not appear to be as captivating as what was released in the 70s. The version is not as friendly.

Stand By Me Doraemon has the blue cat robot animated in 3D. It has received very positive reviews because of excellent texture and lighting effects. This has made it a hot title even before its releases. It is bound to stir the animation market once it is completed.

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