Useful Tips On Buying Original Oil Paintings For Sale

By Paulette Mason

Ever since the earliest settlements, art has played quite a big role in the formation of human societies. It has paved the way to a very creative form of expressing oneself. It has also been a way of documenting past events during the older times, something that the historians ans archaeologists have a profound interest in.

There are many different art forms. There is the sketch artist and his array of trusty pencils. There is the sculptor and his clay, wood, and marble creations. There is also the painter at his easel, bringing a blank canvas to life with every stroke of his brush, every blend of color. His adept fingers produce original oil paintings for sale, one that you can happily add to your collection.

The whole process of creating stunning pieces with the use of oil mixed with the medium used in painting is called as oil painting. It makes use of all natural oil derived from all natural sources such as poppy seed, walnut, linseed and safflower. These oils are then boiled along with a resin to give it that distinctive gloss inherent in masterpieces of its kind.

It is due to this certain process of using natural oils and pigments that has give oil works the praise they so clearly deserve. The unique effect of using the said medium makes it a favorite among art enthusiasts. Some do not even hesitate to give out money just to have the said pieces.

A wise buyer does not take the word of the seller as unadulterated truth. Instead, he has become a master at noting details, checking all the sides of the story if they match. For starters, it is best to buy what you love. These are investment pieces, yes, but they should also give you joy when you see them hanging from the wall.

Another good reason to buy an piece of art work is to give life and accentuate a room. A painted masterpiece should be chosen according to the niche that you are planning to place it in. Even the nicest of paintings can look washed out if it does not seem to fit with the overall aura of an enclosed space.

Always be willing to wait. Art needs appreciation, and some only shine through when it is observed at a closer angle. These things are quite costly, so do not jump on the first flashy piece you get to see. Expert collectors even often take years before they get that perfect piece.

Do your research before deciding on anything. There are so many cases wherein people went to buy an original piece and got a reproduction instead. To avoid being royally duped, look at it closely. Original pieces usually give out heightened tactile sense, meaning some surfaces can be smooth, while other parts can be rough. Cheap copies also have bristles from low quality brushes on the canvas.

Original works often have uneven surfaces as a result of individual brush strokes. If you turn the piece over, the patina will tell you when it was made. There will also be little markings at the backside of the artwork, done by an appraiser or by the artist himself.

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