The Many Talents Of Fabiola Sicily

By Coleen Torres

Making it to the top in the film industry is rarely an easy achievement, even for an actor who has had the benefit of the best possible training and connections. It usually takes a special mixture of skill, talent, experience and looks combined with a lot of luck and a stroke of perfect timing. All of these things are manifested in the rising Eurasian starlet, Fabiola Sicily.

A Eurasian beauty, born to a mother from Indonesia and a father of European descent, discovered her calling when she was a very young child. Raised in her mom's homeland, she used to sing and dance to entertain family and friends. She possessed a natural born instinct for performing and wore the spotlight like a second skin.

The Indonesia artistic influence was quite beneficial to building her skills and securing her drive. She acted in as many school sponsored plays as possible, honing her talents and gathering a good deal of experience performing on a stage with a full audience in attendance. Every role she was placed in was given her fullest attention and whether it called for comedy, drama, music or dance, she gave it her all.

The need to perform was very strong within her, and while she was doing well in Indonesia, changes needed to occur if her career was to take off properly. After completely finishing her high school education, she moved to California and began to put the wheels into motion. Her family believed in her talent and offered their full support on her decision.

Upon settling in LA, this resourceful young woman obtained enrollment in The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and began her next phase of training. Her time at the respected school was spent perfecting her many different talents and using each performance as a chance to improve her skills. She consistently ranked at the top of her class and garnered top Honors.

There was a lot of things working to her advantage as she began her search for work. The physical result of her mixed heritage is a uniquely exotic look that provides her with the ability to portray characters from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. She is beautiful with a charming quality that makes her an effective model, but she is also equipped with the skills of dancing, singing and acting.

It was largely due to her beauty that she was cast as a model in several videos for very popular recording artists like the incomparable Mick Jagger. Because of her incredible vocal talents, she did multiple musical stage performances as well as a bit of voice over work. Being skilled at both hip hop and modern dance allowed her to make her own instructional clips for online viewing and to take a few professional gigs.

She got her big break when the industry powerhouse, Disney Studios, cast her in a primary role in the movie, Prom. This was followed by a recurring role in one of their television shows and quite a few jobs acting the parts of supporting characters in several movies. Determination and talent are assisting this incredible actress in making a name for herself in the challenging field of entertainment.

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