The Ideological Foundation Of Sandstone Retreat

By Rosella Campbell

With time, a lot of changes may occur like the industrial revolution from the past. Right now, it is already at the peak of its development. But with the age of modernity, there is yet another endeavor which is set by people and this is about the all too inclusive talk about sexuality. That is because some found the rules of sexuality too preventive.

With it, an individual named John Williamson, with the help of his wife Barbara initiated the fight for sexual revolution. To aid it, the Sandstone retreat venue was built. This place is where the things such as the seminars and training for the realization of the endeavor takes place.

Seeing as sexuality has become more and more malicious and aggressive nowadays due to the changing culture, Williamson set the ground for taking sex for good by changing the usual conceptions and the taboos which are incorporated to it. Actually, he and his wife both have the same ideals and they swap partners frequently. But according to him, it never put a strain on their relationship.

This is what he wanted to implement with his goal of revolutionizing the sexual context. That is that people realize the purpose of sexual freedom and not dwell on being too possesive a partner. For him, it would lead to a more peaceful environment if there is no jealousy with regard to these things, and for that to happen, individuals should be oriented and made to understand it.

So to do this, they conduct seminars that talk about human relationships, bonding and sexuality. With this, they are able to make folks understand the purpose of their endeavor. With this, the venue featured nude folks. Aside from that, they also permit full freedom when it comes to sexaul conduct.

It is completely opposing the practice of dressing conservatively to avoid invitation or drive. Instead, they place it as being used to seeing such things would eliminate sex drive naturally. Speaking of this, about at least five hundred guests gather to observe this every weekend. In the venue, they can participate in group sex and swap spouses for satisfaction. But according to Williamson, it is optional.

But then due to the controversial culture, they gained the attention of the media. But then even though they have explained their goal, some things just did not make sense to certain individuals. That is because the very basic feeling of true love between conjugal relationship has never once vanished.

Yes, the concept of sexuality has worsened throughout the years. But basically, this is because of the things which affect their disposition regarding things like this. Of course, there is much that can be caused by the sexually themed movies, music, pictures, etc. Not only that, there is also the the poor parenting and the corrupt personality of people.

But then if you put in the idea of human freedom as per the human understanding, Sandstone would be the result. But the conception of true and pure love is far from such ideal though. But then for those who have the grasp of the idea and the influence of such norm, this place might serve as convenient spot.

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