Selecting Empowering Books For Preschool Girls

By Rosella Campbell

Reading with a daughter is one of the most memorable and meaningful ways to nurture your relationship with her. There are many parent resources and book reviews to help with the selection of empowering books for preschool girls. These are available from many different sources, including online stores. The genres include not only fiction but biographical and informative literature too.

The great bonding experience of reading together has other advantages too. This is an age at which children are like absorbent little sponges and this offers the opportunity of opening them up to a world of new possibilities. The beautiful illustrations and exciting stories help to expand their horizons and encourage their creativity.

A child can often identify strongly with the main character in a story. There are many stories today being written about brave, strong, smart girls. The classical tales will always be well loved but it is important to explore new literature being written today as well. Too many stereotypical tales of a big, strong Prince rescuing a weak, helpless princess can inadvertently send the wrong message.

There are stories being written today where tricky social issues are dealt with like bullying, self image, gender and respect for others. These issues are often dealt with in an entertaining way without being too preachy. The child does not even realize that they are learning valuable life lessons because they are so thoroughly entertained.

It is up to you to do more than just read the story. Stimulate discussion by asking your daughter what she thought about the main character. Did she like her or dislike her and why? You can help your daughter to relate the incidents in the stories to real events in her own life. For example, when a little girl in a story shows great bravery in the face of a daunting situation, you can help your daughter to identify with what it feels like to be brave and unafraid in her own life situations.

Going to school for the first time can be daunting and reading to a child is a wonderful way to help prepare for this. In this way, a child can be prepared socially, emotional and intellectually for this big step. Self image, relating to others, problem solving and taking responsibility for actions can all be addressed within the context of reading stories and discussing them together.

Reading to a child also helps to develop their vocabulary. Research has shown that reading to preschool children helps to ease the transition from one language developmental stage to another. The transition from reading to them to them reading themselves is not as difficult as for those children whose parents do not read to them.

The resources available to parents today to stimulate early childhood development are virtually unlimited and access to the internet has made this possible. For example, it is simple for a parent to find out what stories have inspired other children of a preschool age. Reading reviews online is an easy way of doing this. In this way, a lifelong love of books can be created in a child that opens many doors.

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