Getting Into Voice Over Commercials

By Rosella Campbell

The revenue opportunities are seemingly unlimited as there is something for just about everyone, regardless of skill or education. People have discovered that they too can write, create video or even work in the information technology field and get paid good money. However, the world of audio recordings covers many types of media that include ebooks, podcasts and voice over commercials.

At one time, these jobs were limited to professional actors, those with broadcasting experience and others who may have just been at the right place at the right moment. These days, anyone can take tutorials on how to project their voice to sell a product or idea to a particular market. However, there are a number of places where the right voice may be utilized.

Anyone who has ever listened to a commercial on the radio or TV may notice that not all voices are perfect. Some are gravely, slightly hoarse or extremely high or low pitched but they are unique and in many cases, appropriate for what is being sold. For instance, someone who sounds perky would not be used to pitch something like financial services targeted to those who are, say, middle-aged and make six figures a year. However, that type of voice is perfect for advertising toys or things targeted to kids.

Choosing an online institution is a popular choice for many but it is best to determine what the expectations are. The cost of tuition may be lower but one should take stock of what they are working with as far as how far they can go. Short courses are great for those who may want to get their feet wet but those looking for a new career should be prepared to make an investment.

Although this may be a popular career choice for many, it is best to give this good thought before spending money and time. People who are curious may want to start with the fundamentals and test their level of ease in handling a microphone and vocals. Those who feel strongly about their ability to captivate an audience may want to take advanced classes that will prepare them for a number of opportunities and help them network.

One thing that many voice over artists say is that the pay is good. This mostly applies to those who have worked for some time in the industry. Others who work as radio announcers or in front of the camera are sometimes considered first for the high pay jobs but there is always an exception.

Building a strong portfolio is a recommended marketing tool to get work. Many places that offer advanced courses will assist in this as well as networking. This allows future vocal artists to show off their talents to advertising agencies and other entertainment mediums.

Working in show business has its challenges and sometimes it may take time before people actually make a living at it. However, many say that the wait is worth it as they love the art as well as the compensation. Getting information about a career doing voiceovers can change a life for the better.

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