Free Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons

By Rosella Campbell

If one would want to learn to play a popular instrument, then he would most likely want to learn how to play the guitar because there is probably no other instrument that is as popular as the guitar. Luckily, it is actually possible for people to now get basic free online acoustic guitar lessons from certain websites like Youtube and such. This is the ideal thing to do if one cannot afford a tutor or teacher.

Now usually, these internet classes would consist of some notes accompanied with videos. These notes would usually contain the basic strings and the parts of the instrument. After that, these notes would contain the major and minor chords that one will be playing throughout the lesson.

Of course other than that, there would be the videos that would be shown to the student. Videos are very important because it would provide the student with visuals so that he will have an easier time understanding the lesson. It is also from videos that he will learn the basic hand movements that he will be needing.

Now if one would begin the lesson, he will first start with the very basics. The one part that the teacher would really concentrate on would be the strings because these are the things that would make the tunes that people would hear. He would be learning the different tunes that all of the strings would create.

After he has learned of the different strings, he will now be combining the sounds of the strings together to form a more solid sound. This solid sound is the result of playing a chord. Now one will be learning the two types of basic chords namely the major chords and the minor chords.

After learning the basic chords and the strumming techniques that would handle these chords, then the next thing that one would learn would be picking the strings. Now when picking strings, one will be touching some strings and picking the strings one after the other. Of course the video will be showing the viewers the right hand positioning for doing this.

Once one has mastered these two techniques, then he may combine them both and play a song. Now the teacher would most likely let the viewer play a very simple song first since he does not have much experience with the instrument yet. Usually, these practice songs would consist of an intro that does finger picking and a chorus that requires strumming chords.

Basically, these are the things that one would be learning when he would go for one of these online lessons. Of course the online classes will never replace real classes because of the personalized attention that real classes would have. However, if one would just want to learn the very basics of playing the instrument, then these classes would have to do until one has enough money to enroll himself in real classes.

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