Female Musicians From This Decade And Past Decades

By Marylou Forbes

There have been female singers for as far back as anyone can remember. Things have changed quite a bit since the times when women like June Carter Cash was singing. Female musicians today are more like performers than singers. The spend most of their time on stage shaking their butts instead of singing.

Not all female singers behave this way. There are singers like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift who have amazing voices and use those voices to attract fans. They have grace and class and you can see that when they are on stage. These young woman have such amazing voices that they do not have to take off their clothes to get attention.

When these young girls that call themselves singers or musicians get on stage and shake their breast and butts all over the place to get attention it is just degrading. You might think I just do not get the new dances but I am not so old that I don't get the new dance crazes. You can do these dance without looking like a stripper.

I admit I am a little old fashioned about clothes. I believe that you shouldn't leave your house dressed in shorts that show your butt cheeks and I certainly do not believe you should wear something like that on a stage with thousands of people looking at you.

I have tried for most of this article to avoid the Miley Cyrus topic but I just can not avoid it any longer. That girl has got a wonderful voice, great songs, and from what I can tell a great personality. So why is she degrading herself on stage and off with her antics and her clothes?

What ever happened to just going on stage and singing a great song with a beautiful voice without all the trashy clothes and dirty dancing. Dolly Parton did it and she was a star, Aretha Franklin, Carly Simon, Stevie Nicks all these women were stars and completely dressed while performing.

These women didn't do vulgar dances or wear trashy clothing that revealed more than any woman should reveal to anyone but their husband. Female singers today have great voices but it is hard to notice it because of all the nakedness and vulgar dance moves they use in their acts. Every ten years or so the dances get dirtier and the clothes just disappear.

It doesn't have to be that way. If you are a famous singer you got signed because you have a wonderful voice so why not use that voice to win over fans instead of stripping down to barely nothing and simulating sex on stage. I get that most dances these days are a bit nasty for lack of a better word but you can do the popular dances without degrading yourself and your parents. What must these parents be thinking of their little girls up on stage showing off all of their body and shaking parts of their body that shouldn't be shook in public?

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