Extract Audio File From Youtube Video

By Wanda Rosner

Watching music videos through YouTube is often a fun activity for many people. However, the problem arises when you want to store some of the music in your portable device or PC just to listen to such music at your convenience without having to search for them. This makes it necessary to look for a way to extract music from YouTube video by converting it to MP3. You can use different techniques to get that done.

There are two easy techniques that can be used to rip audio from YouTube video if you have a high speed internet connection and a PC, tablet or mobile phone. There are two types of software: online and offline which can be used to get the audio from YouTube. It all depends on you which technique is suitable for you according to your circumstances.

Online conversion software is considered an easy way to get the MP3 file converted from YouTube video for you. A high speed connection is necessary element for using online conversion. You will get several websites offering this service, but the right choice of online software is very important for successful conversion. This technique demands from you the YouTube URL of the video and offers you the download link for newly generated MP3 file. Sometimes it becomes a time consuming process depending on the size of video.

Onsite conversion of video to MP3 file is infected by different types of advertising material. Therefore, in spite of offering you the right thing, it might misguide you with different types of fake download links. Sometimes, you get nothing at all of your choice. So beware of such online cheaters.

Another technique to obtain the audio from YouTube is applying offline software. The offline software must be installed in your pc or phone, to help you to convert video to mp3. You will find two kinds of version: free software application and premium version each of which has different features.

The free to use application seems to be the better choice over proprietary application as it is free of cost, but it has its own complications. It comes packed with different types of advertising materials and extra useless software that might infect your PC with viruses. So take care of such free applications that can cost you more than purchasing the proprietary application. Sometimes they frequently need to be updated.

The proprietary application is the best choice to extract the MP3 file from YouTube video with ease and multiple options. Some applications can get multiple videos at a time and convert them successfully for you into MP3 files. One important thing to notice before purchasing the software is to try free trial version of the same to check the functionality that best suits your requirements. The purchased software comes with online support and various updating options.

It might be also a better option to obtain licensed software to extract MP3 file easily from YouTube. Such software will do a good job with some even allowing you to edit different fields in the MP3 file. For instance, you can edit tags like the artist, Album, Release date, and much more. The program will attempt to fill these tags instantly although you can actually edit them yourself if you want.

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