Cultivating Character With Empowering Books For Preschool Girls

By Rosella Campbell

In several countries around the world, young women still fight to have a voice that is equal to that of their male counterparts. This occurs in many different parts of society. In politics, business, education and many other areas, women are prevented from contributing to their country in the way that they would want to. Empowering books for preschool girls encourage youngsters of both genders to be responsible for their lives.

There are so many characteristics that make each person unique. Everything from hairstyle, to the level of education that a person has, to where they live or where their family is from, can affect how they see themselves. Generally, how someone sees themselves affects how far they can go with achieving their dreams, whether that person is male or female.

There are texts that focus on people who are from different ethnic groups. They help kids from all of those cultures to explore more of their own culture and heritage. They also help those who are of a different ethnicity to learn more about all the other cultures that form this world. These are meant to build a sense of self acceptance.

Real historical figures still impact the world in several ways today. Several texts show how it is possible to do that by being true to yourself, even when adversity may make it difficult to stick with your dreams. These emphasize the qualities that are necessary for girls and boys to succeed, wherever they are in the world.

The message of striving to do as well as you can is paired with that of self acceptance. Girls who have not yet reached pre school are shown that being accepted is not dependent on being perfect. They learn that they are perfectly beautiful people just as they are and do not have to master any particular skill in order to be loved.

Self appreciation is key for people of all ages. This is taught via artwork. Bright illustrations that will fascinate children are used in books that are designed for this particular age group. Some of the artwork is done using watercolors while others are beautiful pastel artwork. This is important especially for younger children whose reading skills are not as strong.

Simple stories are employed to show girls that embarking on a journey does not mean that they will not face challenges. They are taught that obstacles are a normal part of achieving what they want and that when problems arise, it does not mean that they will fail. The heroines are brave in the face of monsters, bad weather and other problems and keep going.

Books for younger kids show all of them that people do face anxiety and pressures in life. They will too but they can choose how they deal with every obstacle that they face. Through texts that are written with them in mind, young children are able to form healthy values at an age when it is critically important for them to receive the right influences.

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