Code Geass Anime Review Analysis

By Marylou Forbes

During this era, a genre of movie became very famous especially with the youth due to its youthful and childish drawings, and this genre of film is no other than the anime. Basically, a lot of young people liked its 2D approach. But the themes of this genre are not for the children alone. There are also adult themes just like the very astounding Code Geass.

This anime actually has an adult theme which appeals to both male and female viewers. It has a complicated plot that is why it is not suitable for children. But for this, it gained a strong approval from its adult audience. This is why when you try to visit Code Geass anime review sites, you will see all positive comments from its viewers.

Actually, here is the story behind this loved anime. It is all about the plan of domination of the Holy Britannian Empire. Now, Japan happens to be one of its targets, and gets conquered easily because of the robot in the form of a human which is called the Knightmare Frames. Because of this, the Japan was given a new name, and it is Area 11.

Now, the star of the story is an exiled prince from Britannia, Lelouch Lamperouge. Due to his exile, he bore hatred toward his nation and vowed to destroy it one day. Carrying this ideal, his goal was brought in handy when he encountered C. C., a mysterious woman whom he met on the way. His encounter with her lead to his possession of the Geass power which can control people. He then masked himself in the person of zero.

The story of this actually has a very intriguing and interesting plot which involved the nations of Japan, the Chinese Federation, and the Britannian empire. With this, you can also meet significant people from each of the nations like Empress Tianzi of the Chinese Federation, and Princess Kaguya of Japan. Of course, you will also meet many more significant characters which give a nice story content.

Because of it, many people became very much overwhelmed upon viewing it. This is basically because it is also intellectually appealing. It actually has an unpredictable story flow not like the usual movies you see especially on TV. From the beginning alone, you will already see an interesting scene. So naturally, you would like to continue watching it.

The development of each character and the content of every scene is very meaty, you would not find a hole not to like it. Aside from that, it is an incorporation of action, politics, drama, and romance which is very desirable for adults. It also has a theme of hatred, betrayals, conflicting motivations, and lots of ideas.

Due to this, its fans considered it the best film which they have seen. Not just that, its whole plot, with its turns and twists contribute to its rewarding mental engagement. Because of this, a sequel was created which is basically more likable than the first season.

So if you ever happen to like to dwell with something interesting and entertaining, this film will serve you best. So get hold of the fulfillment and the entertainment which it will give you and become one of its joyful viewers. One thing is for sure, you will be happy that you did.

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