What You Have To Know About The GRTNS

By Ina Hunt

There are a lot of groups in the music industry that are looking for ways so that they would be successful. One of those groups that have overcome this is The GRTNS. They got their name from the word greatness. They are using this to describe the group on what they could do.

The members of this band are named Lyan and Dylan. They have worked before as producers and song writers in the industry. Their experience has made them decide to move from the production field to becoming artists. They came from Philadelphia and the place influenced them greatly on the work that they have been doing since then.

They also have songs that they have written for another artist who are involved in urban genres. Instead of being known as artists, people have known them as producers and songwriters. It has caused improvements on their skills when they have move to become artists for this industry. The team that they have now has mixers, a recorders, as well as writers and producers.

You should have professionalism for you to easily evaluate what you have done. They have already overcome the challenges in this undertaking. Even if they did not ask for more help from others, they have made their way to it. There are other bands that inspired them. The expertise they have in urban music makes them different from others. The music which they have made is one that any person in any age will really like.

Their style is a blend of urban sounds and dance which creates a unique feeling. It includes a little anthemic rock which gives it more depth and energy. This is what makes them different from others. That difference helped them to become successful in their work.

Dylan and Lyan have released their debut album which they named Greatness. Last March 2014, it has hit the airwaves after it has premiered on TV. They have chosen the title of that album carefully. They wanted to let other people realize that they could also become great.

The album has became the inspiration of people regardless of the age that they are now. It would tell you that you can still achieve all of your goals when you will be searching from within. You should pinpoint what this is in your life because it has various forms.

If you would just listen to the songs that they have made, you would be impressed with it as it has been produced incredibly. Listening to it would make you remember all the moments of happiness in your life. The songs that they have made have a lot of energy in it. You could always feel the energy on it as you would be listening from one song to another one.

Since they are successful, they have been traveling and performing around the world in many countries. The concert tickets will usually be sold out. One would also notice that the fans came from different generations. Most of their works have won the hearts of all people.

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