Top Tips For Connecting With Stamp Experts

By Ina Hunt

The traditional hobby of stamp collecting is today meeting with new technologies. That means that stamp experts are accessible in a variety of ways. This is an exciting development if you want to get advice on valuing your collection or to simply learn more about this interesting pastime.

For a start, it is definitely worth pointing out that you should do thorough research to ensure that advice is sound and reliable. To avoid disappointment or worse, make sure that any advisers you are dealing with are trustworthy. As always, a second opinion may be helpful and this applies to stamp collecting.

The guide to follow is aimed at assisting you in making the very best of your collection. An expert in the subject may be able to advise on valuations as well as offer some tips for safe storage, sourcing and displaying stamps. The following guide has a list of pointers and highlights some of the new methods for collectors to connect with authorities in the field.

One of the most traditional options for experts to reach clientele is through a shop which offers antiques and collectibles. You can still find stores which specialize in stamps and ephemera in cities across the world. If you are thinking about approaching a shop for advice or a valuation, call in advance to find out if this is possible and if there are any costs. A high cost of valuation may defeat the purpose if you are hoping to raise some money by selling part of your collection.

The Internet has allowed stamp enthusiasts to connect with like minded people all across the world. Some experts now offer services online. Again, it is critical to check that methods and professionals are entirely reputable and secure. Some advisers offer help via e-mail.

This may involve photographing your stamp collection and sending it by e-mail to an authority. This will give him or her the chance to assess the item. Make sure that photographs are clear, reflecting the color and detail of the stamps.

With an increasingly paperless economy, stamps are becoming less common. This is an exciting development for many avid collectors who are pursuing the rare finds. It is still possible to find many special edition stamps available at post offices and other retailers around the world. Knowing the facts about the stamps is a good way to strengthen the quality of your collection.

Last of all, you may wish to consider joining a local club to strengthen your knowledge of the art of collecting. You can even find online versions which include forums for collectors around the world to trade tips and ideas. Finally, as much as fact finding and valuations are important, you should not overlook the joy and pleasure of this pastime. Finding items that you love for your collection can keep you interested for many years to come.

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