The Best Violin Chinrest Styles

By Sally Delacruz

Maybe you are wondering what is the importance of using a chinrest in playing a violin. It is important to use this because it can prevent in dropping the violin and it is pretty to look at. The importance of using them began in the past centuries. It turns out an important thing while playing the instrument to produce a good sound. Thus, the use of violin chinrest styles becomes more popular over the decades.

For those first timers, using a chinrest is very important and useful when playing. However, the truth is, you can actually play without the use of this material. It is actually created to add an extra beauty to the musical tool and to enhance the sound effect. It is also designed for a proper placing of the instrument in the chin.

Actually, chinrests did not come in the 19th century. However, as the music has evolved, all violinists and violist are already required to have more flexibility and expertise with their hands to move comfortably. The very first style of chinrest before was the shoulder rest. It was a small bar of wood that keep the instrument from falling under the chin. It is more advantageous for those players who are oily skinned.

Generally, if you are a violinist, you have already tried all types of violins. So, when you are already purchasing, you already know what is best for you. It is also the same when you choose a chin rest. Each individual has a unique structure of the face, so there are really right options for you. You do not have to stick with one option because it may cause discomfort. You can change it anytime as you want.

There are huge choices of chin rests that are made for viola. These are designed to hold the jaw on the left and some on the center. There are some that are flat and some have deeper arcs. It is better to choose your chin rest just like choosing the right instrument.

In selecting the right chin rest, it is important to assess the style, shape and the materials used. There are materials like rosewood, ebony and boxwood. However, there are times that plastics are also recommended for those who are sensitive in a wooden type. This plastic is for those who are prone to skin allergies when using a wooden chin rest.

It is suggested that the right fit means that a violinist or violist can hold their stringed tool without inconvenience. The shape and size are not always considered alone, the materials are also considered. There are some individuals that have skin sensitivity from woods that makes them suitable for plastic materials. It is better to consult your physician to provide you the options that you need.

The right positioning of an instrument is important for most players. The appropriate chinrest for you is one way to improve your performance on stage and to prevent injuries that may occur. You are properly guided on which product type is best for you.

Finally, these chin rests are for the beauty enhancement of the tool. It provides a great enhancement to the varnish color of the chosen rosewood, boxwood and ebony wooden rest. For those who are looking for a cheaper one, you can try Bakelite type that is mostly available anywhere. The real beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say and anyone wants to have a wonderful look and sound for instruments.

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