Snarky Celebrity Gossip Is Increasing At A High Rate

By Sally Delacruz

People relate or talk about celebrities more easily than neighbors and friends. Snarky celebrity gossip is seen in almost all our day activities. Many associate it with fascination obsession people have with celebrities. This kind of fascination with people that are famous is something that has been around us for a long time.

Today when we meet our friends, family and relatives we take most of the time talking about famous figures. They have turned out to be the glue of social fabric. Things have changed people no longer stay in the communal well or at the village square to connect to one another. Instead we use talks about celebrities to make us feel connected to each other.

We have made our lives occupied by talks of our favorite famous figures. When we get home and work place this is the talk. This is very evident in workplace. When people are free or meet around water coolers they talk about the latest antics in politics, programs or office. Common public figures have become the center of every conversation. In fact it has become impossible to interact with others without introducing latest gossips about celebrities.

Some of these famous public figures appear so irresistible. It is difficult to understand why people admire some of these celebrities and hold them so dearly. There are so many answered unanswered questions are to why people love certain figures and not others. Often researchers several questions some of these are: Do celebrities live a different life from ours? What is so glamorous about their lifestyle? The truth is every individual has their own distinct reason as to why they admire a particular figure.

It is interesting top discover what people have concealed in their hearts about celebrities. In a sense famous people have become our new gods. Many fantasize and wish their lives were like theirs. They admire the fact that most of these people they celebrate are rich, beautiful, talented and desirable. Despite the admiration majority secretly wish that these people could fall to prove that even the feet of our gods have clay.

We are always following up to ensure we are updated on every new gossip about celebrities. It is for this reason that we are always watching programs, shows, reading materials and blogs that contain information concerning them. A research conducted by publications and advertising firms indicated that most of their income is generated from printing materials and shows that have gossip and latest information on popular public figures. They people will keep on watching program, shows and buying reading materials that contain information on their fans.

The obsession that people have with famous people has drawn attention from social linguistics, anthropology, evolutionary psychology and social psychology. This discussion has also attracted the attention of many philosophers. These experts seek to know what is that about celebrities that make them so dear or cause people to be obsessed about them.

Celebrity talk has impacted both negatively and positively to our society. The major positive contributions include: enhancing group bonding, reinforcing shared values and relationship building. In addition to that some of these discussions enlighten people about public life and proceedings such as politics.

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