Qualities To Look For In An Elvis Impersonator San Francisco

By Sally Delacruz

Getting a decorated artist to perform at your event can be a very difficult task. Worse still, there are some musicians who have since died, but they left a unique iconic status that has refused to fade. Quite often, people want to be entertained by the performances of these individuals. Since they are no longer available, the only way that can be achieved is through impersonation.

This situation has created a host of impressionists out there who wish to fill this void. However, as someone who is searching for an Elvis impersonator San Francisco residents would love, it may not be easy to pick one individual out of those who are available. However, if you consider the qualities outlined below, you fill get an entertainer who will leave your venue and audience entertained to the maximum.

Consider look-alikes. These are impressionists who concentrate more on visual elements of the person they are imitating. Therefore, they should display the fashion and style used by Elvis. They should also have accessories such as costumes, wigs, and jewelry. However, most importantly, they should have the looks of the musician, including facial features, hair color, body size and height.

Check the voice. A performer can have a great voice, maybe even better than the artist they mimic. However, you need to get one that is close as possible to the real one. You have to ensure that the audience cannot tell any difference when they are singing.

Get someone with experience. This is something that cannot be overlooked. You may have a very good performer, but if he is not used to acting on stage, you may end up with disastrous results. Experience brings a certain level of confidence that is required when dealing with a large group of people.

Get videos of past performance. You are not hiring an internationally renowned artist. Therefore, you need a guarantee that you will get value for your money. The recordings should be from professional work so that you can get to see the reaction of the audience the quality if the work you should expect.

Know the charges in advance. A professional performer should have a quotation of how much they charge per hour or per show. If they are fully established and renowned impersonators, then you could pay quite a hefty fee. However, they should not be as expensive as the real musician.

Consider any additional expenses. If you are hiring some from outside the state, then there are accommodation fees and flight charges that might come your way. You need to ask in advance who will cater for these expenses or if they are included in the overall fee. Do not assume that once you pay what is asked for then that is all.

Be sure that you meet with the performer. You know your guests best and so you will know whether the person you choose will be able to entertain them. Ask for a short performance so that you can gauge the potential of the impersonator. If you do not like what you see, then your guests would not as well.

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