Latest News On Celebrity Gossip Is Priceless

By Sally Delacruz

Young and old people all over the planet are very interested in individuals who appear on the big and small screen. It is important that they keep up with the latest news on celebrity gossip. Sometimes teenagers will spend all of their money on tabloid magazines.

It may take some time for a person to obtain all of the tabloid magazines that are on the news stand. After purchasing all of these writings someone can find a nice quiet place to sit and read about Howard Stern, Colin Firth, David Letterman, Kim Kardashian or even the very sexual Madonna.

If a person is living in America they know all about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. These are two lovers who have dated for quite some time now and they even have a baby together. This couple finally tied the knot this year and had a very lavish wedding ceremony. All of their friends and family members were invited to this event.

People in England and the United States are wondering why the dashing Colin Firth is losing so much weight. This man was once admired by millions of women and now he is now smaller than a toothpick. Everyone is wondering if he is suffering from some awful disease because of the sudden weight loss. Colin's wife insists that her husband lost the weight for a movie role but many skeptics think differently.

"Mama Mia, " showed him as the perfect alpha male who had a good physique for women to stare at. Unfortunately Tom Ford told Mr. Firth that he was fatter than Oliver Hardy and this was a huge mistake. Colin Firth decided to exercise non stop until he was as thin as a rail. Once again Hollywood and America has wrecked yet another English actor.

Howard Stern is another egomaniac who cannot stay out of the news media. Every entertainment show has called him crude and selfish. Mr. Stern now stars on the television show "America's Got Talent, " and all of his co-workers hate him. This is a man who was married to his former sweetheart for many years. After he dumped his wife Howard then wedded and bedded a woman who is young enough to be his daughter.

Oprah Winfrey is a woman who is very greedy and will never share her wealth with anyone. Currently Oprah is trying to evict her stepmother from a house that once belonged to her father. People living in America cannot believe that their superstar idol can be such a cold and uncaring witch. In reality it has always been said that Ms. Winfrey only puts on a good show for her audience. Her true colors really come out while she is alone with staff members.

People who watch late night television in America have all heard about David Letterman's retirement plans. He was forced out of his show by CBS executives who wanted a younger person for the show. Mr. Letterman insists that he really wants to leave his television job but everyone around New York knows the true story. It seems that people are no longer interested in David Letterman or his tired old jokes. He will eventually fade out of the spotlight of fame.

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