Knowing All About Musicals Phoenix

By Sally Delacruz

As the years go by there will be more talented people living within the state of Arizona. Some of them will get the chance to star in musicals Phoenix, Az during their lifetime. These future thespians can all get their feet wet when they take part in productions like "Hairspray, " "Grease, " "Mama Mia, " "Beauty and the Beast, " "My Fair Lady, " "Cabaret" and "Phantom of the Opera." All of these shows can be viewed at The Herberger Theater Center.

Everyone around knows the story of Belle and her struggles to overcome the dangers in life. She is a head strong young woman who is the main character in "Beauty and the Beast." Unfortunately an evil male named Gaston is after her hand in marriage. Belle has very little luck with men since she eventually moves in with a man who is now a monster. This former handsome prince made the mistake of angering an enchantress who turned him into a beast.

The event is well loved by young and older people living within this particular city. Everyone who views this show will eventually learn the words to every song showcased in this production. Some years ago the Disney studios brought this play to the big screen in an animated format. Children everywhere love the song "Be Our Guest" which was featured within this movie.

"The Phantom of the Opera, " will terrify many people sitting within the audience. This horror story also features a female who has to make drastic decisions during her lifetime. She now finds herself residing with a mentally unstable man who has a badly damaged face. Many women who live in a fantasy world will find this play very romantic.

Anyone who attends this show will remember the song "All I Ask of You, " since it is so beautiful to listen to. The English singer Michael Crawford recorded this tune a few years back. The Herberger Theater Center knew that this play and "Mama Mia, " would both become hits. People who have visited New York are familiar with "Mama Mia."

"Mama Mia" tells the story of a young woman who is trying to find out the identity of her father. This upbeat play features the songs that were made famous by the group AABA back in the 70's. Throughout the entire production the cast is singing and dancing to these delightful tunes. Anyone who loves the song "Dancing Queen' will appreciate this show.

People in Hollywood really capitalized on this play when they produced the movie "Mama Mia." It was a great year for a certain studio a few years ago when they cast actress Meryl Streep in the lead role. So many people got the chance to sing along with the actors when a second version of this film was created.

The film industry attached all of the lyrics to each song when the movie was sent back to theatres. Many residents in this state like to watch the crazy music comedy "Hairspray" while others prefer the zany classic play "Cabaret." Both of these titles are great.

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