It Takes Guts To Become An Elvis Impersonator

By Sally Delacruz

Maybe you have already heard about Elvis Presley, who was a famous American musician in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Although he was already gone, but his music remains in every heart of people and still popular today. He died in 1977, his fans are still alive. He was very cool and a popular one during his time. This is the reason why people choose to be an Elvis impersonator. Mostly, impersonators love him so much because he is known as a cultural icon.

Anyone can impersonate him. You may be a Black, Asian, White, fat, skinny, young, old, tall or short. Everyone is welcome to this fun and entertaining experience. Some would just consider their impersonation as their way in remembering the King of rock and a way for a living. According to them, they like the feeling of become an Elvis to the public.

Maybe you are wondering about how many impersonators are there in the world. This is a job that has already extended around the world. Since Elvis is popular over the world, he already had an appearance in most festivals, bars, street gigs and even in games. Indeed, he is a living legend for those who loves him.

The qualities that made him famous was his way to dressed up. For others, he possessed a classic look, that only he has. He also used to wear aviator glasses, glittering jumpsuits, bushy sideburns and the most famous jet black hair style. If you want to be like him, start your career without quitting from your job. You need to download his songs, TV appearances, guesting, concerts and great performances.

You should study his great moves, style and the way he performed on stage. Start your career in a bar, fairs, events, festivals, concert halls, karaoke places and parties. Performing on the streets is also a good option for you to earn more and to develop your own abilities. You can also compete with different festivals and show everything you have.

Create your own portfolio that has a voice recording sounds and your photos. You can respond to any call from advertisements either online or magazines. You must work for your development and improvement to be a better impersonator. You can go to any casinos in Vegas, since most Elvis Presley impersonators shined here and become famous.

Each contestant is judged according to their vocals, stage presence. Appearance and the overall performance to have the chance to win a cash prize. Since it has already many impersonators in the world, it is quite hard to earn and to target a specific average wage. That is why, some consider impersonation as their hobby and enjoyment. Others would give a performance on the streets and earn in an hour.

It is quite fun to be an Elvis Presley. It gives you satisfaction and fulfillment. Aside from this, you will also earn from your effort. Joining the thousands impersonators in the world is not so easy. Always remember to enjoy each moment and good luck to you.

If you see that you earned enough from this career compared to your current job, you quit from your work and practice more to become Elvis. Maybe this is your destiny and where you will be successful. You just have to work for it and at the end, you are not just earning, but also become famous.

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