Facts You May Not Know About Shria Paraashar

By Ina Hunt

In these times where almost everyone use the computer and the internet for a wide array of uses, being well known has never been easier. Social media provides for an excellent avenue to introduce yourself and your unique talent to the world. Video sharing sites, in particular, have been very integral to the rise to stardom by most well known celebrities.

By joining a video sharing website, you can gain access to millions of videos. These clips can be of varying length and could be just about anything. You can find clips that are informative, some can even be procedural, and most are entertaining. Entertainment videos often showcase the extraordinary talent of the people who upload them, and one of these people is the very talented Shria Paraashar.

Shria is more than just a well known YouTube artist, as more and more fans see her to be. She is also a very supportive daughter to her parents, and a very loving sister to her siblings. She is well loved by her friends because of her easy natured character. On top of that she is a smart employee, a skillful pianist and a very humble performer, despite her widely rising fame.

Since she was just a very young girl. Shria has long since shown signs that she is going to be a wonderful addition to the field of music. Her love for the said world of notes and symphonies started, according to her, the very first time she saw her cousin play the piano. She suddenly had a longing to be able to do it herself, and the prodigy that she was, she actually did.

She then realized than her sweet voice that could rival those of well known singers was very well suited for the music of her native country, which is India. As of the present, Miss Paraashar is training to become a master in Hindustani music. Hindustani music entails all the classic melodies of northern India.

When she was still new to video sharing, however, Miss Paraashar did not focus right away on the harmony of her beloved hometown. In fact, her very first video in YouTube was a piano cover of the famous piece by Paul de Seneville, the Mariage dAmour. She used the codename ninya999 and her video has been viewed by more than six thousand viewers.

Shria also displays versatility in her music. The reason why she is well loved by her viewers is because she never fails to deliver something fresh every single time. Aside from well known melodies and her favorite Indian music, Shria was not afraid to take the risk by exploring Arabian music. Her rendition of Bel Salama earned so many likes from everyone who has watched it.

She is not just a musician, too. She has even worked as a soldier for the United States Army. She was an MOS 68W Health Care Specialist back then. She even utilized her musical abilities to make the ailing people feel better. She has waged battles of her own, which contributed to her unwavering spirit.

Apart from provide quality medical services to injured soldiers and civilians caught in the middle of warfare, Miss Paraashar is also a very smart woman who is a Scholar of the Sciences at a certain university. Truly, she has the brains, the beauty, the talent, and the heart of a star.

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