Alexander Koleszar A Re Owned Artist

By Kenya Campos

He is an artist who grew up in Michigan at Birmingham . His passion and talent for painting was seen while he was still young. Immediately he had completed almost 30 canvases, his painting was exhibited at a city hall in Michigan by then he was in his seventh grade. But like usual children can be cruel, Alexander Koleszar was taunted because of his creativity which made him begin to mask his talent in painting. He hoped that it would help him avoid more negative attention.

Twenty years later, a great tragedy occurred. An AIDS pandemic swept the land and killed a great number of people he held dearly. He went through a very disheartening moment. To overcome the difficult times he had gone through, he decided to ground himself again in art. This turned out to be a successful recovery mechanism.

When he returned back to his arts works, he majored on paintings that reflected the AIDS pandemic that had taken away the lives of his dear ones. His arts attracted a museum and sales gallery in Los Angeles. They bought one of the paintings which they entitled returning home. The painting was among the best two paintings that were picked that year for exhibition.

Although Alex was becoming successful in his works, he decided to venture in classical paintings and also learn drawing techniques in 1994. In order to grow in this new field he put aside arts work and even enrolled classes for classical painting.

It did not take long for Alex build himself in the new field. In fact by the year 1996 he was already receiving invitations to participate in shows. He quickly became popular that people nick named him the new emerging artist in a Biennale show.

Since the Biennale, people across US and parts of Europe began buying his works. His paintings are not only a fusion of surrealism but also realism. They are outstanding and reflect his admiration of works done Magritte and Dali.

The works of Koleszar demonstrated that he was not timid of dealing with critical issues. In most paintings he responded to critical issues such as Enron scandal and wars during Bush Administration. He has created various arts in response to suspected motives for war. Some of the works address key issues of recovery and addiction in West Hollywood community. In general he ensured his work pointed out vital issues in the society.

Alexander is a worldwide renaissance man. Apart from art work he also ventured in natural sciences and a bit of politics. He exposed his ideas, knowledge and world into deep thoughts in form of art. During this period one of his partners in Scott passed on. This was a very painful moment for Alex. He had worked with the guy for the twenty six years he had been in the field. In order to overcome the past, Alex decided to migrate to Palms Springs. Being away from his mother land helped him move on easily as it helped avoid distractions of the past.

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