Aerial Silk, Scarf, Ribbon And Tie Routines

By Sherry Gross

Performance artists of all type use flight and streaming materials to perform aerial silk. When creating or selecting these fabrics for a routine, it is important to select those which are both lightweight and heavy duty. Dress rehearsals are essential before a performance to assure that all ties remain tied and that all other equipment, performers and audience members will be safe during the production.

Acrobats, dancers and performance artists entertain audiences with a variety of movement routines and skills. While the trapeze allowed for great entertainment, aerial artists and audiences alike have now become intrigued with the flexibility of movement allowed by different types of colorful fabric.

Many use dry spray or resin on different body parts to help increase the friction between skin and material. This is something anyone working with flying equipment may want to consider. Whether for friction, safety, or both, resin has always been a staple among acrobats, dancers and performance artists.

Another reason for using a protection against slippage is that the performers often have to climb to the top of the equipment before the beginning of each show. Without the use of dry spray powder or resin, it is more likely the artist will develop calluses. As there is a great deal of grabbing and swinging, the resin or powder is recommended even when gloves are being worn.

For those simply wanting to dance or play with aerial scarves and other equipment, creating a home sky gym is one way to go. Each gym has different hooks on walls and ceilings from which different flying equipment can be installed. It is important to assure the ceiling and walls have the strength to hold the equipment and any individuals who plan on using same.

When a performer feels free to explore any and all movements as part of the development process, the freedom can often inspire artists to create more interesting arrangements. Whether acrobat, choreographer, dancer, or just someone wanting to have an incredible amount of fun, dreams about flying through the air have always been popular. As swinging has always been one of the closest feelings to flight, it is no doubt individuals whom enjoy the feeling will also enjoy this type of equipment and routines.

It is important that when hanging any fabrics in which individuals are going to actively use in a performance, that each fabric be attached securely to a base whether that is on hooks bolted to a wall or floor, or suspended from the ceiling or upper levels of the performance arena. Height and weight are also important factors in knowing how and where to place bolts, hooks, or other methods to secure any and all equipment.

Most movement enthusiasts are going to love aerial movement. As fabric can be hung at many different levels, it is also an art form that can be used to help individuals overcome fear of flight and height. This is because if the individual can sit low to the ground and swing back and forth gently, then slowly kick out and go higher a bit at a time, it is believed possible to overcome both phobias.

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