What Happens In A Theater

By Minnie Whitley

The vibrancy and the art mixed with its rich cultural heritage made Phoenix a beautiful city. People are downright born artists on this side of Arizona, where public art museums and cultural centers are found. The government strongly supports artists in the city by offering scholarship grants to deserving students who excel in their work. Theater Phoenix is one form of their creative side.

The Phoenix Convention Center Department hosts events that attract both local and international tourists. This has greatly contributed to the economic growth of the city and the state of Arizona as a whole. The department manages daily operations for the top of the line Phoenix Convention Center, Symphony Hall, Orpheum Theatre, Executive Conference Center and the Herberger Theater.

Theater has always been considered a part of the life of every Phoenix resident. The big crazy world, they consider, as the stage. Performers from all over town, are the best in performing arts and regarded each presentation as important. The Herberger Theater is just one of the many performing arts center in the city, dedicated to providing smiles to the face of every neighbor.

Live performers present before a live audience in an auditorium or in a wide open space. A combination of gesture, song, speech, music and dance is used to better express the expression needed in a play. The stage or platform where they perform is ornamented with crafts and designs to best enhance the visual experience of the audience.

Ancient Greek dramas has greatly influenced the modern Western plays you are seeing nowadays. Even the origin of the word can be traced back to the Greeks. It came from the word theatron, meaning a place for viewing. And theaomai, which also means to observe, o watch or to see. The technical aspect of the modern play like the genre, theme, characters and the plot was mostly influenced from the Greek plays.

There are different kinds of theater plays, namely, the drama, comedy, musical and tragedy. Comedy is probably the most enjoyable form which uses humor to narrate a story. Drama, as the word employs, tells of fiction and specific emotions in a play. A play which combines speech, dance and music is a musical. And tragedy, is another type of drama but in unique, mainly because it tells about the historical events in the civilization.

The newly renovated and historic Orpheum Theater is the only last standing theatre palace in Phoenix. It was built way back in 1929 in the corner of West Adams Street. Concerts, broadway shows and operas are shown in the only theatre in Phoenix which is listed in the register for Historic Places in the country.

It underwent a massive renovation and was opened back to the public in 1997. It boasted of one thousand sixty two seats in the orchestra level, and three hundred two seats in the balcony. The modern theatre with classic style offers free tours led by a docent, from time to time.

The performing art department of the city, is considered an important part of its history. It is considered a treasure that the people deeply value. Your emotions can be clearly seen on the way you express yourself. Self expression is one form of art. Being artistic can be hereditary and you are born with that knowledge. But it can also be acquired through time.

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