Tips For Purchasing Vintage Saxophones For Sale

By Minnie Whitley

Buying a used musical instrument can be quite tricky, especially if it is an antique item. This is because it is not something you want just to keep as a relic; you could be buying it because you really want to play it. To avoid the many challenges that may arise in the process, you can use the guide below when looking for a vintage saxophones for sale.

Just like buying any other important item in life, information is quite vital when choosing a musical instrument. There are many books, magazines and catalogues where one can get information about horns. Most of these pieces have been digitized and they are easily available online. Therefore, invest some time to know more about the item.

Decide the model and manufacturer you want. The most common brands are Yamaha, Keilworth, Yanigasawa, Selmer, Trevor James, Alexander Classique, or Vandoren and Rico Royal. However, some of these brands are not very old. If you need something that is from the mid-twentieth century, then you need confirm if the manufacturer existed then.

Know whether you want an alto or tenor sax. Many people simply know that girls play alto while boys play tenor. However, they may not see any physical difference when they look at the instruments physically. A tenor sax is somewhat heavy, but the alto one is much easier to manipulate because the notes are closer together and it requires less air.

Examine the horn personally before you buy it. In most cases, you will find that the sax has been unused for many years. As such, it will probably play badly and sound imperfect. Check if the horn has any, even minor, rod or key damages that may affect its sound. If possible, do this will the help of a more experienced player.

Price is also another important consideration. The secret to getting a quality vintage item is to know the right market price. This is normally a factor of demand versus supply. If the item is extremely rare, then only a few dealers may have it. This means that they will have an arbitrary price tag based on the customer base.

Do comparison-shopping. There are many antique horns on the market, but you need to find yourself the best at the most affordable price. Visit several sellers so that you can test the saxophones they have before you make up your mind. Check the conditions and ensure that you choose one that has no defects.

Work with credible sellers. You definitely have no idea how to determine this unless you are a collector. Nevertheless, it is quite easy; just check if the dealer is a member of any professional organization. This will help know about their reputation and worthiness in the business.

You can check the internet to see if there are any certified dealers in your area. This will save you the trouble of visiting many shops that do not have what you want. You can also ask collectors or any experienced players where you can get a good, antique saxophone.

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