The Safety Measures For Face Painting

By Marci Glover

Today, a party is not fully packed without having any entertainment and fun during the celebration. Most children have their won expectations, especially if they are attending a birthday party. Hosts are also considered in having a face painting Oahu to have more fun and to enjoy more in the celebration. Others, consider these activities as their career.

Oahu is commonly known as the gathering place. It is considered as the 3rd largest of the island of Hawaii. With a total land area of 596.7 square miles, it makes as the 20th largest island in the US. With the populous situation of the island, has also attracted many investors to have business in the place. Certainly, painting business boomed in the place. Most painters need to consider safety ways.

Be wise in selecting the paint to use. Having a non toxic paint does not mean that it is essential for the skin. Most materials like pencils and watercolor are not advisable to be used for the skin. These are contain harmful chemicals can cause rashes and bruises to the skins.

Choose the right glitter that will be used for the painting. Metallic craft glitter is not advisable for face painting. There is only one kind of glitter that is essential to be used on the face. It is the glitter made up of polyester and has a size of . 008 microns or smaller. The FDA allows only this size and classifies safe to use on the skin.

Do not use any alcohol in removing the paint on the sponges and brushes. This will just promote the bacteria to grow on the materials. Always use a sanitizer that is good for cleaning these materials. If you wrongly use an alcohol, there is a possibility that it will affect the tissues in your skin, especially the tissues of your eyes that can cause severe pain.

Do not paint those individuals who have wounds and sores. It can only worsen the illness of the person. Do not also apply any paint for people who has acne issues because it can cause more irritation on the skin. You can only paint in some parts like the arms .

Children are prone to head lice, especially in a very hot season. That is why, before anything else, you need to ensure that you are keeping yourself away from head lice contamination. Keep your hair in a braid style so that the lice will not transfer to you.

It is best to sit comfortably to avoid any back pain and injuries. Make yourself comfortable while painting. You need to wear comfortable shoes or flats if you are going to stand for the painting. You just make sure that you are comfortable with all your positions.

It is a possibility, that every party that you attended, many of them love their faces to be painted. Since there are so many people in an occasion, you will be exhausted. That is why, you must drink plenty of liquid and east your snacks every hour, so that you will not faint that is caused by hunger or exhaustion.

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