The Abcs Of Buying Vintage Saxophones

By Marci Glover

There are number of factors that you should consider when it comes to buying saxophones, sometimes simply referred to as sax, and if considered they will prevent you getting ripped. The process of buying vintage saxophones is as simple as counting 123 especially if you understand how to go about it. However, you are highly advised to do a lot research on saxophones and where to get the best buy before parting with your money.

It is equally important for you to decide whether you need a new saxophone or an old one. The bottom line is for you to understand your needs and get an instrument that will offer you higher functionality rates. Remember, some of the old sax on the market will still offer you value for your money and can be used for a relatively long time without the need of any repairs.

The type of brand and model you decide to choose is also central in determining the quality of the saxophone. There are several known brands that have a track record of excellent performance. Remember, not all models are meant for professionals, some are best used by intermediates and professionals. This is because different models need specific levels of skills to play, some just cannot be used by students because they are too complicated.

If you compare the vintage types (manufactured before 1980) and the modern types you will notice that some of the vintage offer users a higher utility value. This is as long as the horn is I good condition and the player is skilled in this field. However, if you need the vintage hors always buy those that are no dented and their parts are easy to find.

It is important to know how to test a saxophone whether you are a student intermediate or professional. This is for the main reason that different saxophones come with varying levels of intonations. If you have never played these horns before, you are strongly advised to solicit the advice of experts lest you lose your money on a poor quality saxophone.

The following items must always be checked during the purchase process for you to know that you are dealing with the right piece. These are the mouthpiece, strength reeds, cork grease, and tuner. You will advantage if you know the basics of saxophone and this will not be a problem at all irrespective of whether you are buying new or old saxophones.

After you have known these basics of buying vintage horns, it is essential that you know some of the best brands available on the market. Some of those brands have been on the market for a relatively long time and offer users value for their money. Another brand is the renowned SML which is versatile in all ways and professional like to use it.

It is highly recommended to be careful when buying professional saxophones because e more than often they come at a relatively high price. Therefore, to be on the safer side always purchase from reliable stores that are reputable and insured. This will save you a lot of money in case something goes wrong during the purchase process.

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