Simple Steps For Pool Table Movers

By Heidi Carver

Due to its popularity, pool games can be played everywhere. There are the regular pool houses, there are bars that boasts of pocket billiard areas, and you can even play in the comfortable confines of your home. With the complete set, you can play popular variations like eight ball, one pocket, and the like.

In order to play pool, you have to have tools. A special table measures 3.5 by 7 feet and weighs up to a thousand pounds. Due to its weight, one will be requiring the help of pool table movers should you wish to transfer your furniture to another location. Other equipment includes balls and cue sticks.

A standard furniture has dimensions of 3.5 by 7 feet. It can weigh to as much as a thousand pounds. You will not be bale to budge it out of position by yourself, so if you want a new location for your furniture, call on as many people as you can who will be able to help you as you carry out these quick procedures in moving it.

Before anything else, have a staple puller and some safety goggles at hand. You will be using both of these when you remove the pockets. Use the puller to pull out the wires that hold the pockets in place. Since these wires can go in all directions when pulled, protect you eyes from getting hit by wearing an eye protector.

The next step is to remove the rails that run along the entire length of the furniture. These are screwed in position so you need a socket wrench to remove them. With the help of a friend. Slide each side out carefully, flip it over simultaneously and separate each section one by one.

Loosen the felt. You will have to use staple pullers if the felt is fastened down. In some cases, though, the felt is only glued up so all you will need to do is pull gently, taking care not to rip the fabric. Fold it neatly to prevent wrinkles if you plan on reusing them.

To remove the slates, use a power drill. You may also need to use a flat head screwdriver again if the screws are coated with beeswax. Simply scrape out the beeswax away with the screw driver then you can proceed with the power drill. Carefully stack these slates together.

With everything gone, all that remains is the wooden stand. Even without all the slates, this can still weigh heavily so you are required to have four wooden dollies. Each of the four goes under each leg. First lift one side the slip two dollies under each leg, then lift the other side and slip the remaining two underneath the legs on this side. With the furniture mounted on wheels, it is now easier to roll the table to another room.

Since moving this furniture is very hard, it is not recommended that you do it without professional help especially if you are attempting it for the first time. There are a lot of movers that could help, and they can be found almost everywhere, especially in huge cities like Denver, Colorado. They offer reasonable rates so you do not have to worry about disrupting your budget over a piece of furniture.

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