People Can Not Get Enough Of Raunchy Music

By Minnie Whitley

Sometimes people like to express themselves in a variety of ways that are quite unusual. Many individuals will turn on raunchy music when they are in a very seductive mood. This is one reason why singers like Madonna and Cher will always make albums which feature these unique and unusual tunes.

Parents around the globe are very disturbed by the lyrics that are presented to their children. At times these older people will consult their preachers about the tunes that are played on any musical box. The preachers try very hard to stop these recordings from damaging the youngsters that are around.

Madonna has been telling people about her sordid sex life for many years and she enjoys having many partners. When this singer recorded "Papa Don't Preach, " it made her an immediate celebrity with many fans. This song tells the story of a young girl who is about to give birth to an illegitimate child and her father does not like this at all. Within the recording you can hear Madonna pleading with her old fashioned dad who values the true Christian religion.

After Madonna became such a super singer in the 80's she continued to surprise people during the 90's. "Justify My Love, " was an instant hit recording that made many Christian people very upset. Madonna went on a television show to defend the dirty song and video which were currently on the market. People who watched the video were very surprised to see Madonna acting like a bisexual woman.

She is seen in a shady hotel that has all types of weird people within it. These characters are scary to look at since they seem to be high on drugs. Some of these individuals are gay while others are lesbian or bisexual in nature. They are all doing their own thing within this very seductive recording that will really freak some people out.

The video continued to play for quite a long time even though religious people wanted to ban it. At this point in time Cher was also making her way back into the public eye since she was going around town with hot looking young studs. This woman used them for all of her sexual pleasures after leaving her husband.

Tom Cruise has been one of her lovers in the past but this relationship did not last. After sleeping with Mr. Cruise Cher decided to write a song called "Strong Enough." This tune focused on her relationship with her young lovers from the past and all of the misery that they put her through.

There was a bold hot woman named Lil Kim living within America during the late 90's. This was a girl who wanted to make conservative people very angry. This is one reason why she recorded "The Jump Off." Lil Kim wanted to be the black Barbie who could take a man's private parts in her mouth at any time. Eventually Kim found herself in a prison cell for a period of time.

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