Making A Choice Among Violin Chinrest Styles

By Tracie Knight

A chin rest may have already come with your violin but that does not make it the most suitable item for you. Thus, you should make an effort to know the best type of this product for you so you would be able to maintain the condition of your body. The right equipment would enhance your technical skills as well.

Thus, the first factor that you must be able to look at is how the object fits you. You should have the salesperson lay out all the available violin chinrest styles for you. After that, be able to fit them one by one so that you would be one step away from your final decision.

Once everything is settled with this matter, your collarbone and hands would certainly be safe from harm. You would be receiving other benefits as well. You would not be off balance when you are on stage. You will also be able to keep yourself from slouching which is something that you can never do with an ill fitting chin rest.

On the other hand, if you have managed to get the wrong chin rest, then you would surely have to say goodbye to convenience. Your neck would start to experience a great sense of pain. You would not be able to hold your violin properly as well. Thus, it is truly a must have for you to have a good fitting rest at all cost.

If you find yourself resting your jaw on the crossover piece, then you would simply need to replace your chin piece as soon as possible. This is not the right position that you should have as a violinist. Your neck would eventually become stiff and your overall health might be put into danger as well. Remember that without a sound body, you would never be great in playing the violin.

Thus, pay a visit to the instrument shop near you as soon as you can. Look over all the options that they have in their racks. If you have found a few items which you think would be great on you, then feel free to fit them yourself. You would have to do this step if you do not want to get a hold of the wrong product.

Be able to take the shape of your jaw into consideration as well. Measure the total length of your neck too. All of these factors would ensure that the item that you have in your hands would contribute to your success as a violinist and not to your total destruction.

Also, avoid borrowing the rest of another violin player. Keep in mind that you do not have the same jaw shape and using his or her chin protector would only cause you trouble. If the thing that supports your jaw is already damaged, then simply be able to buy another one as soon as you can.

It is imperative of you to make a purchase only from a trustworthy store as well. You must thoroughly look into the reputation of the shop. Failure to do so would increase your chances of receiving sub standard products once you have already paid for them.

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