All About Miss Shria Paraashar

By Eloise Hewitt

Ever since the internet has become a place where people gather and communicate, many people have been utilizing it in order to spread their ideologies and to share their talents. One of the rising talents is none other than miss Shria Paraashar who has gained popularity through her videos in Youtube. Ever since she posted her first video on the site, her popularity kept on rising.

Now ever since she was younger, she would perform in stage events like in stage plays that require singing. Singing and playing the piano is one of her talents which she has been developing over the years. When she became a little older, she decided to post her talent on the site Youtube under the name ninya999 and began by uploading a video of herself playing Love Marriage on piano.

From there, she uploaded more and more videos that continued to get a lot of views from the Youtubers that are from different countries in the world. One of the videos that was uploaded some time after her first one was able to get around ten thousand views from the viewers. This was a piano cover with vocals of a song called Ek Tu Hi Bharosa.

Now because of the number of views and positive comments that she got from people, she made more and more videos to be posted to her account. Now many people requested that she make more covers because her beautiful voice and superb piano skills really made her have a name for herself. So far, one of her newest videos would be a cover of an Arabic song Bel Salama.

Now one of her most recognized endeavors would be her collaboration with the music production group Rouhi Music. This is a relatively new group that was created a few of her acquaintances who wanted to create music in their language. They would make original compositions, turn these songs into music videos, and post them into Youtube.

Now this video was known as Jai Ma or mother of creation which was supposed to showcase an aspect of Hindu culture. Now the video was also quite interesting because it would showcase miss Paraashar playing the piano and singing in a forest. Now it would also include shots of miss Paraashar walking through the forests and going through the paths.

Now this video became a big hit among the Indian audience because this was a song that they could actually understand. Now this song actually mentions the goddess Mahadevi who is known to be a divine savior. Now the phrase Jai Ma is known to be a cry of victory when the forces of good would defeat the forces of evil.

Now because of her tie up with this music group, she was able to skyrocket her popularity because she was in the spotlight in this video, Up until now her videos still do catch quite a bit of attention from people. Slowly people are beginning to see just how talented this young girl really is.

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