Advantages Of Belasco Bottle Service

By Minnie Whitley

If you have ever relaxed in an upscale club in recent times then you are likely to have been offered or at least experienced from a distance the Belasco bottle service. If you have not seen this then you need to find out about it. This relatively new service is offered by high end night clubs. It is referred to as champagne or bottle service. If a client buys champagne from the entertainment joint a certain price then they also receive several mixers to accompany the drink.

Apart from that the clients also get a bartender or a VIP host. The cover charge is also waived. This is an excellent way of making the clients feel like very important people. The nightclub gets to generate extra revenue in the process. When guests see other clients being treated this way they will most likely generate interest. This will perpetuate the sales and boost the profits for the night club.

High end clubs in major cities like Los Angeles CA and other places all over the world have started offering these kind of services in order to increase their revenue and attract more clients. You need to make sure that your establishment stands out from the rest. You can easily make your bottle service special by making it seem like a party.

A good example of how you can make it extra ordinary is making it a party. You can carry out several activities to make sure the attention of the other guests is concentrated on the guest who orders this special treatment. One way of standing out is changing the music. It is also advisable to blast confetti and smoke to attract attention. Organize a parade to get the most exposure. Make sure the servers are parting and dancing so that they are easily noticed.

Make sure you attract as much attention as possible so that the guest who ordered the services can feel very special. Other patrons will become envious and they will dig deeper into their pockets to get the same kind of treatment. The main reason for offering this kind of services is to maximize on profits and attract more customers. The price of the drinks is usually marked up by a large percentage.

Clubs that offer this kind of services to their guests are reporting a huge increase in profits. This is because the treatment also comes at a cost. A bottle of champagne that is easily affordable costs much more when you mark up the price and charge for the special treatment. The amount of time vested by the servers is just a few minutes.

There is a reason why this special treatment is raking in more revenue for nightclubs. When champagne is sold through this method there is a sales rush as other guests also order the same thing. Services are dependent on the club. Establishments that organize parades have been reported to make more sales in the next one hour following the first order.

The good thing with these services is that the cost of investment is relatively low and the sales opportunities are huge. All you need to do is make guests envious of other patrons so that they can pay for the same treatment. In Los Angeles CA you need to be creative in order to keep your club dynamic and profitable.

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