When You Need Painting Anchorage Experts Are There To Help You

By Anita Ortega

It is that time again, where the paint is peeling and flaking from the walls of your home. You know that you need to get it sorted out soon or the harsh conditions of Anchorage will soon take hold of your house. You know it is not always an easy task, but when you need some painting Anchorage experts are the people to turn to. The time of year can make it easier or a lot harder.

Your home represents a characteristic of yourself. It's your home, your domain, your castle! This is where you live and where your friends visit, where your kids grow up and you grow old. This is a place that will last for decades, providing it's looked after well. Maintenance is essential, especially with the weather conditions you experience here.

So let's start, first decision is are you painting the house or are you going to get a contractor to do it? Either way you go, know it will take at least two weeks to complete. This is for a myriad of reasons. The main contributing factor is the weather of course. Depending when you start painting, you'll either have rain, snow or very little sunlight. Making it hard to get motivated, but also affecting the paint and how it dries.

If you are thinking of a contractor make sure they are representable. Have a look at what they offer. Do they have a good name in the community? What guarantees do they offer on their work? Are they going to take any short cuts or do the job properly? Are they well equipped to handle your house? Once you have selected the best contractor for you, suiting both your needs and your budget, the rest is relatively easy. Well almost.

You will need to decide on a color scheme. Are you going with the same colors as before or are you doing a complete makeover? Your contractor or local paint supplier will have color swatches to help you decide what is best for you. Choose carefully, you will be coming home to this color scheme for the next five years or so. Take your time, this is not something you want to rush into.

Time to start paining. Make sure that you have selected a high grade of paint. You may think you're saving money by buying cheap paint, but his only means that you will be painting your house soon again. The better paint suppliers offer a 5 year guarantee on their products, providing they have been applied correctly. For this reason you may consider using a qualified contractor.

First a wash up, your house will need to be hosed down and washed removing dirt, grit and loose flakes of paint. After your house has dried off, should take two to five days depending on weather, you can start to prime the house. Make sure that before you prime you mark off any areas you do not want painted. Once the house has been primed you can you can start to apply the paint. One to two coats of paint should be sufficient.

After approximately two weeks, maybe less, you will be living in a "new" home. Neighbors will be in awe of your new coat of paint and possibly repaint their houses too. Now all you need is general, routine maintenance and touch ups and you'll be good for at least five years. Be sure to keep the contractor's invoice just encase there are any problems later on.

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