The Incredible Tunes Of The Grtns Band

By Eloise Hewitt

Bands go through difficult phases, some of which are characterized by rejection. Some have fizzled out because of such challenges. The Grtns has been successful in creating hits and winning a large following within a short time. The name is extracted for Greatness which indicates personal potential. The band is bound to create ripples in the music industry going by their first production.

The pioneer members of the band are Dylan and Lyan, who happen to be blood brothers. The two worked as producers and song writers for other artists. Their home city is Philadelphia and has helped shape their style. They have experienced the process of production before they became artists.

Their musical genre was urban hits which they created for other writers. Fame came to them while they worked as writers and producers. The change in focus has created a self contained team. It has the writers, producers, recorders and mixers in the same group.

The shift from independent producer to own producers is a challenge the brothers had to overcome. It requires a lot of professionalism and the ability to criticize own work. The band has overcome it with incredible production despite doing everything without external assistance.

The major influences for the band include Cold Play, U2 and The Killers. These bands have played a unique part in shaping their style of song writing. The modifications done on their album involve inclusion of an urban feel. This is possible courtesy of their origin in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia influence sets them apart from the other bands.

Pundits have described their style of production as Wall of Sound. It manages to perfectly blend dance and sound to give it a palatable feel. It also combines anthemic rock which adds depth and energy. Such blend is rare and unique in such a way that their songs are popular and classical. Their performances are energetic and captivating.

Lyan and Dylan released the first album in March of 2014 under the title Greatness. It was featured on Vevo and MTV with incredible ratings. The choice of Greatness as their title can be described as deliberate and fitting. It encourages listeners to search within and unearth hidden potential.

Every track in Greatness carries a special message that can apply across generations. It calls on fans to search within and unearth hidden potential. This is possible when one searches within to spot the form or shape of manifestation of inner power.

Dylan and Lyan can be described as excellent producers considering the mastery with which the first album was created. It perfectly captures the unique individual moments that reveal greatness in a person. The cross cutting feeling all through the album is that of avant-garde vignette and energy.

The band has traveled and performed in different parts of the world and won a huge following. Their concerts are always full to capacity. The fans cut across generations. They have won in competitions where their songs are entered. Their music is available online for download to different platforms. These tracks have won the hearts of fans and judges in contests. The trend set by the pioneer album indicates that the band is headed for greater success.

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