The Exciting Story About The Forgotten Vampires

By Essie Osborn

Fire goddess by Dr. Carole A. Western, is the first book of a new series of books about supernatural beings. The Forgotten Vampires series is all about mystery, love, power and greed, and you will love every single page. Especially if you have enjoyed reading Twilight and similar books. Even if you generally don't appreciate Vampire stories, you will positively enjoy in this one.

The Karazans are the seven vampire brothers living among men for thousands of years. They have special magical powers and additional charms, what makes them an entirely new breed of vampires. They use their fangs to survive, but they have a unique way of obtaining blood from their victims. Hidden for centuries, they are here again to kill, but also to love.

The central character is a young girl, named Aimee McKenzie. She doesn't have parents, and lives with her grandparents in Star Valley, Wyoming, just like any other teenager. One day she receives a telegram, from her grandpa Kulanu, who is living on the Hawaiian Islands, inviting her to visit him. Aimee is excited, because she has never had any contact with her Hawaiian relatives, and she decides to accept the invitation.

There are four Fire Goddesses in this story, too. The nicest one of them is called Polihanu, and she wants to help Aimee. That's why she sends Kiyoto, her servant, to take care of Aimee. And she really needs his protection, because her evil cousin, Alon, who is a Karazian vampire, wants to kill her, to become the only heir of their Kulana family fortune. Until she came there, he thought he was the only heir.

Karazans are the most dangerous, but there are so many other enemies Aimee and Kiyotu have to face. Fire Hounds, Pele, Kaboshi witch and Lava Demons are just some of these enemies, one more dangerous than the other. Two beautiful young people fall in love, and this brings them more problems, because Kiyotu is immortal, and their love is forbidden.

This exciting and unusual story is filled with incredible adventures, tense situations and unimaginable dangers. Romantic love of two young people makes it even more attractive to readers. Their love is undeniable and deep, strong enough to withstand the temptation, though it seems that everyone was against them. Well, they do have few allies.

This fascinating and suspenseful book will surely delight you, especially if you enjoy the stories contain elements of the supernatural. Although this book is intended primarily for teenagers, readers of all generations will find it more than interesting. The story is full of surprising twists, unexpected events and fabulous creatures that will absolutely captivate you.

In short, this new series of books about vampires and other strange creatures is really refreshing in literary offered this season. The first book in this series will certainly appeal to you and encourage you to read the other books in the series. The story is interesting, exciting and captures the attention of readers of all ages. Enjoy the stunning atmosphere, exciting love story and tense situations and twists.

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