The Amazing Code Geass Anime Review

By Essie Osborn

There are people who love to watch the animated series. Sometimes, they will just sit around and watch the show until the end. One of these series is Code Geass. This series is a Japanese show that is created by a genius mind. The series consists of three powers, the Chinese Federation, Britannia and European Union.

There are certain instances that the audience will get bored with the usual animated series that they have watched. It means that sometimes the entertainment and the enjoyment that they are expecting in a show was converted to a boring show. But then this Code Geass Anime review is a certain series that will inspire and entertained everyone.

The characters of the story have their own characteristics. The minor character is entitled to be the antagonist and the protagonist of the show. It is really a wonderful series because there are twisted and crazy ideas of characters that are included that made the scene very fantastic.

The storyline is very interesting. It is a story that started when Britannia obtained a new weapon called Knightmare Frame. After conquering, Japan becomes a territory of the empire. This is staple with the so called animation called mecha. The boy who is the main character of the plot is full of vengeance and hatred. People watching the plot will be enabled to think about what are the plans of each character.

The standards that are set today is all packed in the animation. The characters were drawn fairly with style. It has also color schemes that produced a livelier show. Certainly, it has the best animation anyone could ask for.

The music is good. The soundtrack fits well with the story and it really works in each series. It consists of various pieces of unforgettable memories. The most interesting part are the effects of the battle in each story and the voice acting to each characters. This is the part of the plot that you will not hate and love.

Usually, the characters of any show are heroes. But in Code Geass, the main character is not a hero. Anything that he achieves are the goals he wanted to achieve. The most important part is the relationship that everyone is longing for. It is like in real life, there are friends who became an enemy. This drama produced a tension between the ability to hurt your friend but still trying to maintain the friendship that they have shared in the past. It is like the center of the battle is the relationship between two friends.

Imperialism is one of the main goal of the story. The political powers in the story are deliberately portrayed to reflect the realities of our world. That is why people often take it seriously to the fact that they focused more on the episodes of the story. This drama is packed with all the emotions and also leads to an emotional ending.

In general, Code Geass is a work of a genius mind. The artist is really smart and wise to come up with a beautiful plot that is very inspiring and full of emotions. It is true that the show brings laughter, tears and anger to the fans. Indeed, it gives an idea on how to play fairly in a game.

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