Purchase An Arabian Nights Play Script

By Anita Ortega

Audiences have been held spellbound for centuries by the timeless tales told by Schererazade. These stories offer a wonderful opportunity for a school drama group, church group or community theater group. It is possible to purchase an Arabian nights play script from many different sources.

Scheherazade is a young woman who tells one captivating story after another to keep a king from killing her. She carries on for 1001 nights, succeeding in her goal. Her stories are filled with wise lessons and humorous observations. Like the king, audiences are seduced by these tales of lust, greed, revenge, temptation, loyalty, courage and of course love.

Due to the wide variety of scripts available online, certain factors should be taken into account before selecting one for purchase. The size of your cast is just one of these factors. For example, you may have a large, mixed cast that needs to be accommodated. The length of the production and the number of sets needed can affect costs, so this also needs careful consideration. Some scripts are more suited to performances the whole family can watch whilst others may be suited to an adult only audience.

You should be able to read a synopsis of what is contained in the script online. A sample of the writing style should also be available. You need to find out whether music is included or whether you have to provide your own. If music is provided, you should be able to listen to an excerpt online.

Some companies require approval of any changes made to a script. They may even want control over what music is to be used. Others do not have any objection to changes, giving the opportunity to producers to make adaptations where necessary to suit their circumstances.

Finding out about copyrights and royalties is important. Some companies require payment of royalties for each production. Others charge for the initial purchase and this is the only fee. You also need to determine whether it is possible to photocopy scripts as many sellers have very strict rules against this. Others will give you license to photocopy as many scripts as your group needs.

Distribution of scripts is done in various different ways. They may be shipped to the customer or simply downloaded as a PDF to the hard drive and printed out. Once payment has been made, it is a simple matter of following instructions online of how to go about downloading it. Sometimes it may be sent to a customer as an email attachment.

Undertaking such a production offers audiences a spectacle of color, music and magic. There are always various ways for a producer to bring their own unique imaginative expression to the material. Audiences are exposed to a bewitching world of genies and princesses, wonderful accessories, sets and backdrops to tell these fascinating stories.

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