Important Elements Of Science Fiction Music

By Essie Osborn

There is a science to creating great science fiction sound. There are even classes, degrees, schools and tutorials in which one can study this incredible genre and learn the art of applying science fiction music to various productions. There are a great number of past and present films, plays and television shows which use different sounds within the genre.

Having always been a popular genre, science fiction has forever had a place in theater. Theatrical radio shows such as the "War of the Worlds, " and others before the inception of television also used a wide variety of sound effects. While the coursework in this area is new, the actual use of various sounds as an accompaniment to various productions is not.

Earlier examples of orchestral work would be "Star Wars." Whether science fiction movie, play or television show, most include various artists and songs. Generally, each of these add key elements with regards to communicating fear, mysticism and suspense to viewers.

Whether a soundtrack is live or recorded, there are certain aspects that need to be included when it comes to accompanying any form of science fiction. One is that the soundtrack build and decrease energy of the audience. Otherwise, viewers may become somewhat distant from the action, story and miss important details related or leading to the main plot.

Creating sound design with distinct highs and lows is one of the most important elements of creating a soundtrack for a science fiction audience. Soundtracks that move the audience not only sell more movie tickets through good reviews but often more soundtrack recordings. Besides, a film, play or television show is not nearly as suspenseful unless there is a build up and reduction of energy throughout the story.

Musical artists and song titles are an important aspect of any production. Regardless of size of a theatrical production whether film, play or television show, it is important to use well known song titles and artists. This is because many audiences are drawn as much by the artists and song titles in a production as by the actors, producers, directors and previews.

When it comes to the animated science fiction genre targeting viewers of a younger age, it is important to use music which entertains youth. It is also important such music be age appropriate. Whereas, adults generally tend to respond better to instrumental soundtracks associated with movies which include adult themes and plots.

Regardless, it is important that any music or sound effects flow with the story line. It is also important that the designer use a number of different highs and lows to keep the audience in suspense and relaxed at the right moments during a production. After which, often creates the reality in which there are either as many soundtracks sold as movie tickets.

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