How Fabiola Sicily Became A Successful Actor

By Essie Osborn

New artists and young careers often face many challenges as they try to establish themselves. The way to the top levels in the industry can be very tough and not many who start the journey make it to the end. Most give up due to the difficulties faced along the way. Fabiola Sicily is a young actress who has managed to breakthrough all these challenges and be at the top.

She is twenty three years old but has achieved a lot at this young age. Her father was from Europe while her mother was from Indonesia. Sicily was born in Indonesia and that is where she discovered her talent in acting, singing and dancing. She began practicing and took part in the school play shows that were organized. This helped to strengthen her acting skills and she became a very good actor since she was a girl.

It was after finishing her high school education that she decided to move to California and take up her role as an actress more seriously. While there, she looked for an agency that would manage her and help her in penetrating this tough industry. Her family was always supporting her in her decisions and this also played a major role in her success.

She first landed a role in the biographical movie Brando Unauthorized. The movie helped her gain recognition in this industry although the role she played was not a major one. Damian Chapa the director of the movie played a role as the great Brando. Sicily on her side featured as Thanh a minor role which however helped her gather more experience.

She then played Jessica in the movie Prom which was produced by Disney. Her role however was still not very major but it gave her more exposure and was like a great asset to her because the producing company was one of the most prominent production companies ever. It therefore helped her career for the better.

Justin Bellow a new director in this industry recognized her great acting capabilities after seeing her in the film Prom. He gave her a role in his movie Omission whose target group was the young adults. The movie was a supernatural thriller and it tested her versatility. The large fan base of these types of movies helped her to get recognized more and she continued to feature in more and more films.

Her popularity rose steadily and she even got a role to play in a television action drama series called Everybody Wants Theirs. Television series are known to boost many careers especially if the series is loved. She did three episodes which helped her career a lot.

Sicily had many talents alongside acting. She is a good dancer a factor that has made her get featured in some music videos of well-known artists. Her wonderful looks and success in the industry also led to her appearance in various magazines. Many young people consider her a great role model and she continues to inspire many even now.

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