Finding Out How To Draw Cartoon Characters

By Essie Osborn

Hearing the sound of your children's laughter when you sit down with them and quickly sketch a funny bunny or show them how to do the same thing is music to many peoples ears. Not everybody can do this for their kids but it is possible to do if you have a desire to learn. The art of how to draw cartoon characters is available to everybody who wants it.

Lessons can be gotten from various sources and all sources are easily accessed. The availability of classes ensures that you will find an instructor that is compatible to your time schedule and learning patterns. A skilled instructor who you can relate with will be an asset during your lessons.

A good instructor should be capable of bringing you to expert levels of drawing fairly easily. They will have the skills to teach you as well as the patience to work at a speed that works well for you. You may be able to locate a specialized artist that is close to your home.

The internet is a great place to find cartooning instruction. There are a multitude of sites online that will guide you through the rigors of learning these skills. You may be able to choose between video learning and those sites that offer written instructions and sample drawings to work from. Some websites will take you through the process of creating some of your favorite fantasy heroes as well as Daffy Duck and Goofy. If you want to sketch these familiar faces you definitely may learn to do it online.

Other online sites will lead you through the basics of making funny people and animals from your own imagination. They will show you where to place the eyes, nose and mouth in the proper places and what to do to make those faces come alive with expression. It is suggested that you practice expressions in a mirror before drawing them. You can familiarize yourself with what they should look like on paper. Bodies, hands, legs and feet must all be drawn in proportion to the head and face.

The same type of training can be found in colleges and night classes locally. The process may take a much longer time to finish when using these resources. They have a tendency to work towards preparations for the next class in the full course and getting the student more familiar with art in general.

You may also want to consider seeking everything that is offered in book stores. There are so many books available to help an aspiring cartoonist that will specifically show everything you want to know. In books you have permanent references to draw from should you find something you need to freshen up in your mind or a new concept you would like to try. The library is also an excellent resource for anyone wanting to attempt cartooning.

Cartooning should be something you do for the fun of it. Many people do make a living with these skills and that may be something you want to look into for future reference. Being able to express your inner child with pictures is something you will treasure the rest of your life.

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