Elements Explored By Famous Landscape Painters

By Anita Ortega

Famous artists all tend to work with space in the way that suits them best. They each have a technique that makes their work easy to identify. Some rely heavily on their own interpretations when they are portraying distance and end up with a bit of abstraction in their work. Kiefer, Monet and Turner painted beautiful, romantic images that celebrated life and also commented on the mistakes that people have made.

Artists who work on pieces such as these always try to identify what makes a scene interesting and focus on that in their work. People all around the world like to view the art of famous landscape painters. In this way, people may continue to enjoy beautiful scenery while they are indoors. Many of the great pieces that were created many years ago allow us to experience scenes as they were several years ago.

A painter may use this type of composition as vehicle for color. European art placed more emphasis on using all the beautiful shades that are visible to human beings. In Asian art, painters were able to create great variations in tone with just a single shade. In any case, the viewer is invited to examine color and the effect it has on depth and distance.

Color also influences the way that different elements in a painting are perceived in therms of their nature. When an area is painted in a bright shade, it automatically gives it more prominence and in this way, artists can influence the way we think about trees, buildings or bodies of water and their purpose in a composition.

Just the presence or absence of man made structures can tell you a lot about the age of a painting. In lots of contemporary work, there is more evidence of the joining of humankind with nature. You tend to see more fences, bridges, roads and other structures that were made by human hands. In the paintings of the old masters, you see less of this.

Landscape painters usually have a reputation for exploring the beauty of rivers and trees and not one for engaging in political discussions. However, these artists do make statements about the situations around them through their work. By juxtaposing certain objects or even choosing to focus on certain landscapes, they can say a lot about the crimes that have been committed by a nation, or celebrate spiritual values of a country.

Some of the great Chinese and Japanese painters brought mountains close to the viewer and painted them in great detail, unlike others who would simply fade these land masses in order to give the viewer perspective. Wyeth is also known for paying great attention to detail and this is one of the elements that makes his work remarkable.

Beautiful landscape paintings allow you the chance to reflect on life and the environment. There are artists in this category who did not only focus on landscapes. They did many other types of work. However, their compositions in this genre will be appreciated by anyone who has an interest in it. Museums and galleries make it easier to see examples of their work.

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