Creating A Fabulous Kitchen With Bay Area Cabinets

By Anita Ortega

Food preparation in the kitchen can truly only be as good as the room is functional. Creating a magnificent kitchen with bay area cabinets and the right plan can turn anyone into a better chef. At the same time, the home will benefit from an increase in value. Below, discover what goes into the top and well-designed kitchen.

Start off by imagining a space. Look at different magazines, websites and even visit some showrooms. Understand the personal style and taste, as well as needs. An up-to-date kitchen is one that will make the space that much more functional and practical, using the latest in the industry to do so.

Then comes the plan. It is imperative to measure thoroughly the perimeter of the room while taking so many things into consideration. There has to be plenty of storage in order for this room to be beautiful and practical. There's nothing worse than cluttered counters that interfere with food preparation, and keep the room looking messy. Cluttered counters also make cleaning that much more difficult as every item must be lifted and moved aside to be wiped down.

As such, there should be lots of focus on storage. There has to be enough room to house utensils and cutlery, as well as small kitchen gadgets, all of which have to go in a drawer. Every square inch of cabinet space must be used to its maximum potential to meet all the storage needs.

Storage solutions of all kinds exist today that never did in the past. Before, it was all about straightforward shelves, and possibly a lazy Susan. Today, it's all about pullout trays and shelves that avoid people from having to dive into their cupboards. This way, it makes no difference if important items that are often used in the kitchen are placed in the front or in the back of a cabinet.

No more stretching and no more frustration. However, for this to happen, careful thought must be put into what the homeowner already owns you terms of gadgets and appliances, and their purchasing trends, with regards to how much they store away. The end result will, if done right, ensure that the kitchen is perfectly organized, and the household will simply be more functional.

As for the layout, lots of things have to be considered. Sometimes it's necessary to gut the entire kitchen to create a room that is spectacular. In doing so, one may be able to move the sink, stove and fridge to achieve the all-important triangle formation in the space. This minimizes distances, so food preparation is easier and faster.

Understanding kitchen design is crucial to creating a spectacular layout. Far too many people redesign these rooms on their own without enough experience and end up with less than favorable results. For example, many will create a kitchen along one wall, which is a huge mistake. Corner cabinets add lots of storage space. Others consider using open shelves, which are beautiful, but not for everyone, nor for every kitchen.

In addition to all this, one should always take into consideration their particular lifestyle before choosing the actual cabinets, tiles, finishes and colors. Highly polished materials require higher maintenance, and that's not for everyone. There are also special considerations to be taken with regards to materials of the cabinets, as there are many to choose from.

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