Beautiful Bowed Psaltery For Sale

By Eloise Hewitt

Psalteries are popular once again. Well, these instruments are really ancient ones. The first documents are found more than two thousands years ago, and back then, they were plucked with fingers or with a plectrum, but they can also be bowed, why not. So, if you would like to try how it sounds, find yourself one really amazing bowed psaltery for sale and enjoy.

Plucking strings using fingers or a plectrum produces very pleasant, ringing tones that tingle in your ears. Bowed psaltery has different sound quality. It seams just like this sound float in the air, but it is quite difficult to describe it. You simply have to hear it. It has a sort of a medieval quality, and it is easy to find out why so many people appreciate it.

It is really easy to play this lovely instrument, and anybody can learn this very quickly. If you have always wanted to learn how to play music, this might be a perfect opportunity for you. You will surely learn a few simpler melodies the very first day. Music sheets are mostly available in any music shops that sells psalteries, and you can also find useful how-to books there.

You have probably seen zithers and harps. Well, they look quite similar to psalteries, with strings that run the entire length. Although the first psalteries were made very long time ago, in the Middle East, they were brought to other parts of the world, in Europe and China, in the middle ages. They were quite popular, and played in all possible occasions.

Simple wooden boxes equipped with gut strings were probably rectangular at first, and soon after that, triangular. They were carried in front of the player, who had used his fingers, or sometimes a plectrum, to pluck the strings. Some players used two sticks to strike the strings. After some time, the shapes became more imaginative, and other shapes were introduced, for example, trapezoidal. Wing-shaped ones were especially popular in Northern Europe.

Gut strings are now replaced with steel made ones, to improve the brightness and loudness of the sound. Many other instruments were based on psalteries, for example, the hammer dulcimer, harp, zither and other string instruments. Lately this charming, interesting and beautifully sounding musical instrument became very popular once again.

Psalteries come in many different sizes and shapes. Different materials are used to make them even more attractive. For example, they are often made of precious woods, and sometimes are artistically decorated. They look very nice, but their sound is absolutely surprising. You have to hear it, by all means, and you will understand why it is so popular even today.

Well, you don't have to be interested in playing psalteries to buy one. It looks really interesting, and can be used as a decorative element as well. If it is made of precious wood and beautifully shaped, you can find a nice place in your living room to put it there. In any case, when you see one, you'll find it hard to resist.

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