Advice For Choosing A Jazz Guitar Amp

By Essie Osborn

People who play jazz or listen to it tend to be very passionate. There is the desire to get the best possible sound. Part of this is by choosing the right kind of instrument. However another part of getting the best sound is how it is amplified. If you want the most from your guitar it is important to get the right jazz guitar amp.

On a basic level the job of an amplifier is to amplify sound. In technical terms this means that when you are playing a room the people at the back should be able to hear you as well as the people at the front. It is important to have an amplifier that is effective in this regard so that everyone listening gets the same experience.

However it is not just about the technology. If this is where the case then there would be only one type of amplifier. What is equally important is the quality of the sound and how it presents the music to the listener. It is vital to choose something that makes your instrument sound as good as possible.

In recent times there have been more amps that use digital effects. Some people like these as it gives them the chance to create effects they would not necessarily have been able to with other means. However others may feel that this creates a more artificial sound. Ultimately this is why it is important to test and try out amps before purchasing them.

There is also an issue regarding the level of control. While it may be tempting to pick an amp with a lot of additional buttons this can make them more complex for people who have only just started playing jazz guitar. Fortunately there are also amplifiers with simpler controls for people who are just getting started!

While the quality of sound is a big issue for people choosing amplifiers there are other practical considerations. You need to think about how far you will have to carry it, where you will store it and so forth. While you want something that creates the best sound you have to think about where you can lift it.

Another issue people debate about is whether to have a separate amp with another speaker or combi package. While some people argue that a separate amp and speaker provide better sound there is the issue of transportation and storage space. If you go to a lot of gigs and travel a lot you may want to consider the combi package in order to avoid any potential space or storage issues.

You can find a number of websites and specialist stores that sell amplifiers for your jazz guitar. It is best to look at various options and compare what they have to offer as well as checking customer reviews, feedback and recommendations from fellow jazz musicians. This will make it easier to find the ideal amp to suit your sound.

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