Why Custom Self Hypnosis Recordings Are A Worthwhile Investment

By Jaclyn Hurley

These days, many people wanting to experience the benefits of therapeutic hypnosis, but that cannot afford the costs of seeing a hypnotherapist regularly, are joining the fast-growing, self-help hypnosis community. The internet is replete with sites offering free and paid downloadable recorded sessions of different types of hypnotherapy. Unlike the majority of such recorded sessions everyone can download or purchase, however, custom self hypnosis recordings offer more advantages for personal development and improvement.

All induction into a hypnotic trance involves self-hypnosis. Whether a hypnotherapist assists with the process, or whether it is self-generated, it involves the willingness to be hypnotized. Given the right frame of mind, coupled with the appropriate environment and the necessary resources, it is perfectly possible to enter a hypnotic mental state through one's own efforts.

Novices to self-induced hypnotherapy would be better off seeing a hypnotherapist for a while, before going solo with the process. Therapists would be apt to advise on how to go about the process properly, so as to derive maximum benefit from it. Consulting a hypnotherapist before the time also allows one to experience what it feels like to undergo hypnotic induction, and what to expect from future solo sessions.

The main advantage of using personalized recordings for solo hypnotic trance sessions is that these will contain suggestions and instructions peculiar to one's unique situation and circumstances. No other such voice records will be found anywhere else. These will be highly personal, and include suggestions that fit the personality, and address issues that directly affect the individual's interests, issues, and preferences.

Thankfully, the internet makes it possible for anyone to obtain personalized hypnotic sessions, without having to physically look for a hypnotherapist. People could fill out a specific questionnaire a therapist provides online, or answer a few questions over the phone. In this way, it is possible to receive content composed by an experienced professional, and that is personal and unique.

Recorded personalized sessions created by a professional is akin to having a live session with a therapist. The content contained in the recording would draw on one's unique past history, and have imagery, affirmations, and suggestions emanating from personal experience. This is also why these types of products are so effective, compared to generic ones, because the therapeutic impact on the listener is so much quicker, and more profound.

Unlike generic produced self hypnosis mp3's, investing in a customized one is worth the time and effort. The latter will be a record of an individual's specific needs, and speaks to the desires and issues of one person. A person is more likely to achieve goals using a customized recording, since the latter was designed by the individual requesting it.

To reap the benefits from listening to these audio recordings will require time, patience, and consistency. It's unlikely that profound changes will manifest overnight. This is important to understand, especially for people that have just started out, using this mode of self-help therapy. Consumers that have consulted hypnotherapists for years, and individuals that have used audio sessions regularly, know from experience that real, meaningful changes will occur for those that have shown patience, and listened consistently to the audio material.

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