What Is The Monuments Men Movie About

By Jaclyn Hurley

The Monuments Men movie is set during World War Two. It has an all star cast headed by George Clooney. Clooney also directed the film and co wrote and produced it with Grant Heslov. It it certainly not the typical war production that focuses on action, guns and battles. Instead this thoughtful story tackles a topic that is hugely important but gets very little publicity.

The film is based on a book by Robert M. Edsel, which was based on facts. It was released on February 7, 2014 to some mixed reviews. Many critics feel that they producer tried to do too much. Condensing such a huge and interesting story into a feature film is never easy. However, it has received much praise for the excellent recreation of the era, with most scenes being shot in Europe providing much authenticity.

The allies had realized quite early on in the war that the Nazi's were looting many of the great art treasures of Europe. On Hitler's orders they were also confiscating many of the pieces owned by Jews who were deported to the death camps. Hitler himself had plans for much of the art. He wanted as much as possible for his private collection, but also planned to set up a museum. His senior officers were also building their own private collections with many priceless works of art they looted.

The allies realized the looting was taking place early on and began to form a team to find the missing works. By 1943 they knew that the race was on to find and return as many of the treasures as possible before they disappeared or destroyed for ever. The Russian army was also trying to grab as much treasure as possible as they advanced further into Europe.

As it became increasingly clear that the allies were winning and ultimately Germany would be defeated the need to find the treasures became ever more intense. To add to the pressure Hitler had issued what is known as the Nero decree. This stated that on his death or the fall of the Reich, all art treasures in German possession were to be destroyed. Knowing this the allied teams were working against the clock.

Despite its attempts at humor the film does an outstanding job of highlighting one of the forgotten aspects of war. The collateral damage suffered by nations and their innocent people. There are frequent reminders of the absolute devastation suffered by much of Europe at this time and the enormous scale of human suffering.

Among the popular faces are George Clooney, who also directed the film. This really was a labor of love for him as he also co wrote and produced it in partnership with Grant Heslov. It was made by the ever popular Columbia Pictures and 20th Century Fox studios and released on February 7 after premiering at the Berlin Film Festival.

Not only is the film very well made it also has an excellent story line. Some reviewers have commented that by trying to move in too many directions it can be a little hard to follow. Yet the message is very powerful, people are more that their nationality. Wars can never be fought without causing massive damage to so many innocent victims. Viewers will be left with the knowledge that art is a central part of our society and should be protected and preserved for all to enjoy.

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